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PowerPoint Presentations

Dietary Fiber in the Prevention and Treatment 
Fiber, your fabulous forgotten friend!

Health Evangelism in a Postmodern Society 
Discover how to reach the postmodern mind with the message of the gospel.

Making the Switch 
This program is designed to teach how to switch to a plant-based diet in the most healthful way.

Maps of Trends in Obesity and Diabetes 
These maps from the CDC show nationwide trends in obesity over more than a decade

Understanding Food Addictions
Tools for changing bad bad habits to good!

Why Health Evangelism
Help your church understand why we need a ministry of healing,  the ‘right arm of the gospel’, to reach out to our communities.


Michigan Health Happenings

Wellness Works!

Health Ministries at Camp Meeting

For more Health Articles, Handouts, Recipes, Fit & free!, Balance Magazine or Balanced Living Tracts, or to order Lifestyle Matters products, please go to the Lifestyle Matters Website.

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