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Health Ministries at Camp Meeting
Michigan Camp Meeting 2014

Visit our Health Ministries & Lifestyle Matters Booths in the Exhibit Tent.  We will have handouts, free give-aways for you and you may sign up to recieve emails from our HM Department!  See you there!

Health Ministry Seminars
will be held June 16 - 20 (M-F)
How to Conduct an Effective Natural Lifestyle Cooking School
9:30 - 10:45, Cedar Lake Fellowship Hall
Teenie Finley, BS, BA
Ernestine ‘Teenie’ Finley holds degrees in Communications and Personal Ministries. She has held more than 250 Natural Lifestyle Cooking Classes throughout the United States and internationally. Her practical topics include making breakfast a better meal, meal balancing, tasty vegetarian dishes, and simple, easy to prepare suppers.
Seminar Description: 
During this Natural Lifestyle Cooking School Instructors Training, Teenie will share how to conduct a successful cooking school in local churches.  We will explore practical reasons for conducting nutrition classes and each detail necessary to implement a successful cooking school.  We will also share ideas on advertising to get a crowd.  Demonstrations of a few simple healthful recipes will be given.  We will give special emphasis to building bridges from health programming to spiritual programs and share principles of how to develop spiritual interests in health programs.  Don't miss this opportunity to learn principles of health and the excitement of sharing them with your friends and neighbors as many attend the Natural Lifestyle Cooking classes at your church.  If you desire to make your church a center of health outreach this class is for you! 
Fit & free! Let’s Move Mornings 
9:30 - 10:45, Cedar Lake Fellowship Hall
Tuesday - Friday
Greg Morrow, B.S.  
Gregg Morrow is both the Aquatics Director and teacher for the Fitness and Exercise Studies area on the Campus of Andrews University. Gregg is passionate about fitness and strives to find practical ways to make fitness educational, functional and fun. Gregg's enthusiasm for fitness and personal experience brings a fresh approach to exercise.
Seminar Description:
Grab your tennis shoes and join us for Fit & free! LET”S MOVE MORNING.  Join us for morning exercise and instruction by exercise expert and Professor Gregg Morrow from Andrews University.  Experience exercise while learning great tips for toning, strengthening, and flexibility! This meeting will cover the very practical approach to fitness that will allow you to get a great workout in a short period of time. The event is designed for people of all ages and will provide a sample of how healthy living is achievable without memberships or equipment. Please be sure to bring a towel, water and a willing spirit. 
Fit & free!  Building Brain & Body Health!
2:00 – 4:45, Commons (sessions will be 2- 2:45, 3- 3:45, 4- 4:45 w/ two 15-min breaks)
Monday – Friday
Vicki Griffin, MS, Human Nutrition, MPA
Vicki is the Director of the Lifestyle Matters Health Intervention Series and the Fit & free! Building Brain and Body Health Series; the Director of Health Ministries for the Michigan Conference of Seventh-day Adventists; and the Editor of Balance magazines and Balanced Living tract series. Vicki lectures and travels worldwide sharing the lifestyle link to better mental, physical, and spiritual health. 
Evelyn Kissinger, MS, RD
Evelyn is a registered dietitian and wellness expert. She speaks and teaches worldwide, and has been developing and implementing wellness programs, books, and teaching materials for over 30 years. Evelyn is the Nutrition Director for Lifestyle Matters.
Madlyn Hamblin (Friday)
Madlyn is co-owner of The Hamblin Company, founded by her husband, Ray.   As an author and professional event planner, Madlyn has a deep desire to see all SDA congregations plan quality events for their communities which can lead others to Jesus.
Dan & Patsy Towar (Friday)
Daniel and Patsy Towar serve as an evangelistic team in the Michigan Conference. Their series is Discover Revelation, shows how relevant and living the Word of God is today. Dan is pursuing a Doctor of Ministry (DMin) in preaching degree at Andrews University.  Patsy is an R.N. and presents Living the Healthy Lifestyle during their seminar.
Seminar Description: 
Fit & free! Experience the program! Daily power-packed, two-session seminar!
In this seminar you will be introduced to dynamic new tools that will empower you to:
LEARN important topics and concepts relating to chronic disease; fitness; and brain health.
ADOPT practical lifestyle strategies for consistent healthful choices.
DEVELOP the internal “mental mettle” to push through obstacles, addictions and setbacks.
CONNECT with God, teach special truths for these times, and gain decisions for Christ.

Special:  15 minute recipe demo - M - TH w/ Stephanie Howard, author of cookbook, Give Them Something Better
Monday          Building a Better Brain; The Great Sugar Scandal; Mind Set Matters
Tuesday         Engineered for Success; From Wanting to Winning;  Your Fabulous, Forgotten Friend, Fiber
Wednesday    Best Weight Plan; Victory from the Jaws of Defeat; Finding Peace in Your Crazy-busy World
Thursday        Hearts on Fire; Fat…or Fiction?; Thank-you Power
Friday            New Heart, New You!; Supper Club Sensations (Madlyn Hamblin); From Health to Him ( Dan & Patsy Towar)


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June 16 -20, 2014
Cedar Lake Camp Meeting
Join us as we offer you three different Health Ministry seminars!

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Health Ministries at Camp Meeting

For Health Articles, Handouts Recipes, or to order Lifestyle Matters products, Fit & free!, Balance Magazine or Balanced Living Tracts,  please go to the Lifestyle Matters Website


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