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The Legacy of Faithfulness

The Legacy of Faithfulness
 - Chad Bernard -
Associate Youth Ministries Director
She loved him till the day she died. He was part of her, and you really couldn’t talk about one without discussing the other. He was her protector, her provider, and she was the inspiration for his work.
They met during World War II, members of what Tom Brokaw would call “The Greatest Generation,” and they forged a life together—through the good times and bad. They believed that as long as they were together, everything would be all right, and it was. However in 2012, after five children, six grandchildren, nine great grandchildren and 70 years of marriage, he left her.
Not because he wanted to, but because he died. The pain was intense and left a huge void in her soul. She found herself looking for him at times, forgetting he was gone, only to remember that he was at rest, and then the pain would return.
This new life would be very different indeed and quite possibly too much to bear if it had not been for the other Man in her life. You see, she gave her heart to another in her youth as well. One who would never leave her, nor forsake her.
At first, her husband wasn’t sure if he liked this arrangement. However in time, he soon fell in love with Him too. Jesus Christ became the foundation for their relationship, their family, and everything else.
As a result, their family tree shifted from one that was planted in shifting sand, to one that King David referred to as “firmly planted by streams of water, which yields its fruit in its season and its leaf does not wither.” The pain of losing her husband was strong, but her best friend Jesus took the sting out of death so that it wasn't goodbye, but see you soon. What a Savior!
What is the foundation of your relationships? Is Christ at the center of them? If He isn’t, do you care enough about that person to “risk” the relationship and talk with them about God? I encapsulated the word risk to point out the fact that it isn’t really a risk at all. All worldly relationships will end sooner or later, no matter how close you are. However, eternal relationships in Christ will last forever.
As I write this article, my grandmother’s Bible is open beside me. At 93, she still would highlight promises in her Bible so that she could share them with others. Her vision was failing, and she needed a light and a magnifying glass in order to see, but she found joy in underlining texts that brought her hope.
One of those texts was Acts 16:31, and it reads: “And they said, ‘Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and thou shall be saved, and thy house.’” She took that promise to the grave this August, in the same month her husband, her protector and her provider, died.
It was a happy day when she passed, because we know that she is resting excitedly in the hope of seeing her men soon; the man she married and loved, and the Man who is love and made all of this possible.
I praise God for my grandparents’ legacy of faithfulness. I desire that same devotion to Christ for my family as well. I want it to define who I am and the relationships I have on this Earth.
How about you?
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