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A God Thing
Adrian Church pastor says, "I didn't expect to turn around and see over 80 people sitting there, and so I was just like, 'Wow, praise the Lord!'"

"A God Thing"
Adrian Church has 80 registered guests
for Unlock Revelation. 

Andy Im : Sep 29, 2017
The country town of Adrian, Michigan has about 80 registered guests for Unlock Revelation (UR). That’s the second highest total in all of Michigan, which makes you wonder. In a good way.   
Driving out to Adrian you get the sense you’re driving to. . . nowhere. This adds to the intrigue. How does a small city, surrounded by cornfields and dairy farms, produce those numbers?
Nathaniel Oregon, pastor of the Adrian church, was suprised too. “The first night was kind of a rough start," he says. “I had my back to the crowd as I was trying to fix the computer, and I didn’t expect to turn around and see over 80 people sitting there!”
No kidding.
But God knew, and deep down inside, Nathaniel likely did too. About five months prior, this modest church began to pray like never before. They knew people had written them off as “hopeless and a lost cause,” and this inspired them to put God to the test. For Nathaniel, this was the “perfect opportunity for God to show His power.”
Greg Roach, a Bible worker for the church, agrees. “When it comes to prayer, the people rally up.” He recounts a time when they needed a translator. They had just completed a week-long series of prayer and right after, a Spanish-speaking lady walked into the church!
And prayer isn’t the only thing. They’re fasting too. When you talk to Julia, Sandy, and Arsenia, members who are assisting with UR, you get a clear sense they see this as a “God thing.” They glow as they share how members are praying and fasting round the clock, a systematic tag team endeavor the church started two weeks ago.
In spite of the challenges of being a small church, not to mention the undermining efforts of Satan, Nathaniel is both excited and eager for what God has in store.
“We are not finished with the meetings yet,” he says, “But neither is God.”
He concludes, “We are expecting Him to do big things here! This has been our promise. ‘Ask of Me, and I will give you the nations for your inheritance, and the ends of the earth for your possession (Psalms 2:8).’”
Please keep the Adrian Church and the 100+ churches that are preaching the Unlock Revelation series in your prayers.
The best is yet to come!

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