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Unlock Revelation

Impacts Big Rapids

The Big Rapids Church stepped out in faith, and it's making a difference.
"I'm praying that the Lord will give us 10 baptisms at the end of this, and I think that's doable and that would more than double our church," says pastor Garhett Morgan.

Big Rapids, MI
by Andy Im
 : Oct 4, 2017


“I came in on my first Sabbath and looked into the baptistry, and the baptistry was being used for storage. Hadn’t been used in no one knew how long,” recounts Pastor Garhett Morgan. This was about a month and a half ago when he officially became the pastor of the Big Rapids Church. 


The young minister knew then that things needed to change, and fast. He had an idea, and appealed to the church board. “I know Unlock Revelation is just a month away but it has the chance to make or break this church,” he told them. “And we really need to put our all into it.” 


He admits, “We didn’t have the biggest budget in the world, but we stepped out in faith and put a big chunk of it for Unlock Revelation, to really do it well.”


That step of faith is now paying off. Their commitment, empowered by God’s Spirit, has revitalized the small church of eight attendees. That’s what happens when a church takes action to win souls for God’s kingdom.  


“When ‘night one’ showed up and we had over 50 people here in the church, you should’ve seen the joy on people’s faces,” says Garhett with a big grin on his face. Thus far they’ve been averaging about 20 guests per meeting. Many of the regular guests are also attending because of BibleStudyOffer.com, the conference-wide Bible studies initiative that was launched last year.


According to Garhett, there’s a different vibe in the church now. The members are beaming. They want to give Bible studies, reinitiate prayer meeting, and really immerse themselves in campus ministry (the church is only 1.5 miles from Ferris State University). 


At this point there’s no doubt in Garhett’s mind that the church baptistry will be put to good use once again. In fact, it’s possible they may double their church membership soon. In his words, “We’ve got five people in the meetings that have already talked about baptism, and in a church of eight people that almost doubles our membership.” 


Garhett’s prayer is that God will provide 10 baptisms as a result of their efforts, and there’s probably no better thing to pray for than that!


The Big Rapids Church is one among many that are engaged in Unlock Revelation. Let’s pray for all our churches as we collectively cooperate with divine agencies to win souls for Jesus.


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