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Advent Heralds Boost
Unlock Revelation

GLAA's Advent Heralds making an impact on Unlock Revelation guests.

"It was so cool to see God work through music in Unlock Revelation!"

Great Lakes Adventist Academy
by Jennifer Landis

“I could hear the angels singing with you," a lady shared with Jemima, a freshman at Great Lakes Adventist Academy (GLAA). 

Opening night of Unlock Revelation (UR) saw the Advent Herald Symphony and Singers sending out small groups of two to four students to seminar sites within 90 miles of GLAA. Every night since, one or more groups have been going out and singing songs related to the topic of the evening’s meeting. 

“Singing for UR has made me realize how God can work through music to touch people. I thought it was normal to sing and not a big deal, but the people who hear us think it’s life-changing," shared Nakeysha, after visiting with people at the meeting. Many students, some who have never gone up front to sing, have stepped out of their comfort zones to share Jesus through music. 

The Advent Heralds all shared at the UR site in Fair Plain with Pastor Dan Towar. A guest had been attending the meetings every night with a friend who was giving him Bible studies. After listening to the music shared by the Advent Heralds and hearing the message, he went up to his friend and placed something in his hand.

“Take these, I won’t be needing them anymore," he said with a smile. It was a pack of cigarettes! The students who performed were especially amazed because the music and message had nothing to do lifestyle. This reinforced the fact that if Jesus is lifted up, He WILL draw all men to Himself!

A couple who had not come to church in four years received the Unlock Revelation flier in the mail and dcided to attend the first night. A friend noticed that they missed the second night called them and told them to come again the next night because the Advent Heralds would be there. They came, and after the music and the message they filled out a decision card and said to the pastor's wife, "Wow, that was some great music, I was really blessed!" Since that night, the couple has attended every meeting! What a blessing to see God soften hearts and win them for His kingdom!

“It was so cool to see God work through music in Unlock Revelation, and get to be a part of it,” said Brooklyn, a junior at GLAA, “I hope we do this every year!”
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