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Unlock Revelation Strong at Wilson

Their church burned down, but there's no stopping evangelism!

by Tom Hubbard
Coming off the recent loss of our church to a fire, and knowing we have a lot of work to do in rebuilding, the question was asked, "Would participating in Unlock Revelation be something that we could or should do at this time in Wilson?"

Thankfully the answer was a resounding yes! The exposure we had received from the church fire was something we wanted to use for God in the most effective way possible. We set our sights on and looked forward to September 25, along with the many other churches across Michigan.

With 125 in attendance, we had a great opening night! Our attendance has been holding steady at about 100, and we are excited to see so many interested in knowing more about God’s Word.

One gentleman who was raised Catholic, has come to almost every meeting. He said, ”I really enjoy coming and learning, I have appreciated each presentation!” We praise the Lord for the positive decisions he is making as he has excepted the Sabbath truth, and continues to attend the meetings.

Another young lady who lives in the area also responded positively. She comes in each evening with a smile on her face and sits right near the front. She hasn’t missed any of the meetings so far, and several Sabbath's ago, walked into church with her Bible in hand! She recently indicated her desire to be baptized. Praise the Lord! 

There are others where we see the Lord is working, and we're so thankful for what He is doing here in Wilson. We may have temporarily lost our church, but by God’s grace the mission of this church remains strong. Please pray for us as we labor for souls.

The harvest truly is plentiful!

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