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Unlock Revelation Taking On the UP

Sean Brizendine shares how Unlock Revelation is making a difference for community and members.
by Sean Brizendine

Houghton Area

It’s exciting to see all three churches where I’m pastoring desiring to be a part of Unlock Revelation (UR). Our head elder in Houghton, Clint Sutton, gladly stepped up to present each of the sessions! The meetings are taking place at the Houghton church, where 31 attended on the second night, with an average attendance of almost 20! We have about five steady interests. It has been really neat having a woman with previous exposure to Adventism, currently reconnecting with the church at this point in her life!

Greenland Area

I’ve been the main speaker at the Greenland church along with Rick DeHaan, the head elder. While attendance has fluctuated, we seem to be averaging about eight individuals. One man, Otto, drives all the way from Baraga (over half an hour away) to attend! He shared that he has cancer and that the messages have brought him hope. Every soul is precious to the Lord as we share His word in the Upper Peninsula!

Bessemer Area

The Bessemer church has been very encouraged by the meetings with an average attendance of about 20. Several Sabbath’s ago we had 38 attendees for the meeting! I’ve been the main speaker along with Monte Hollenbeck. A man named Paul who first attended several Sabbath’s ago stated he found the UR flyer in the trash at the post office. Because of that, he arrived just in time to hear the message about Armageddon and really enjoyed it. 


God works in mysterious ways! One of our consistent attendees, Justine, who is attending with her husband, Spencer, shared how much the messages have blessed her, as it became clear that the painful things she faced from others were not from God, but in fact, "An enemy has done this" (Matthew 13:28). She shared how that statement really impacted her and helped make things clear. 


Another couple who recently moved to the area—Carl and Carol—have not missed a single session, sharing that the billboard on US-2 made a big impact on their decision to come. 


Unlock Revelation is bringing new life to our churches! We are hoping to have baptisms and members added from this series, as well as seeing our members grow stronger in their walk with God.


I’m also thankful for how this has been an incredible opportunity for the elders to grow in sharing God's word! For one of our elders, Rick, this was the first time he even used PowerPoint with a laptop! 


The spirit of willingness and openness to be used by God is so encouraging! 


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