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Unlock Revelation:

Escanaba & Riverside Churches

They only had three weeks to plan and invite guests to Unlock Revelation.
"Who puts together an evangelistic series in three weeks and expects six souls to be baptized? To God alone be the glory!"

Upper Peninsula, MI
by Daniel Rodriguez


The Escanaba and Riverside churches pray much. When Pastor Gibbs was transferred to Lansing, the members didn’t know when they would get a new pastor and if they would be able to hold Unlock Revelation (UR) this year. 


So when I arrived as the interim pastor, we literally had three weeks to meet, plan, prepare, and advertise! On the third Sabbath prior to the start of the meetings, the churches went out to distribute UR tracts door to door and also handbills. The lawn signs were placed two weeks prior to the meetings. 


We didn’t know how many people to expect with such short notice. But praise God! On opening night God brought 16 precious souls to the meetings.


Naturally, the Devil was not happy. I got a stuffy nose, cough, and sore throat the night before the meetings started! Through natural remedies, in two days I was better. The number of visitors also remained consistent. 


At the end of week two, when the Sabbath and the Antichrist were presented, our number of guest visitors dipped to 10. But praise God He’s still working on those who remained, and also those who dropped out!


Also, one of the elementary school children that attended the children’s program expressed his desire to be baptized!


Additionally, these meetings have been a blessing to our members. They have expressed that they’ve been refreshed and enriched in their understanding of Christ in the Adventist message. 


Please pray for the Escanaba and Riverside churches as six individuals have made the decision to be baptized!

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