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Teens Preach

Unlock Revelation

TLT's preach Unlock Revelation, & eight 
make decisions for baptism.
"We may not have the same gifts, but He is willing to share His word through us," says Daniel.

Lansing, MI
by Andy Im
 : Nov 3, 2017


We need more men and women like Sergio—committed individuals who are willing to invest in, and sacrifice for our young. This is a vital and necessary imperative for the future success of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.
Sergio took 12 TLT’s—teens in leadership training—and had them prepare, study, and preach the Unlock Revelation series. They each took turns sharing one or two messages as a joint endeavor of the Holland and Grand Rapids Northwest Spanish churches.
In the beginning, the teens weren’t all that “into it.” “No one was really excited,” says Sergio. Truth be told, they were simply nervous and anxious as one might imagine. A phrase Sergio heard loud and often was, “I don’t know how to talk in front of people!”
But, when you step out in faith and challenge our young, GOD is going to deliver. He really is. And so will our teens.
Once they opened their mouths and started preaching, the adults were flabbergasted. “They couldn’t believe [the teens] were preaching the messages better than the adults!” recounts Sergio.
Through it all, eight individuals made decisions to be baptized! Bear in mind, it was the TLT’s that preached the messages and offered the appeals
in Spanish, the second language for most, if not all the TLT's. 
Also, the teens often had to preach during the school week when they had homework and exams to study for.  
One of the students, Chris, ended up preaching on the eve of a huge exam. Much of his time was spent preparing for the message instead of studying for the test. His dad counseled him to put God first, and to leave the results with God. Chris did just that—while studying as much as he could—and ended up receiving an “A” on the exam!
Just a thought. Perhaps next time your church holds an Unlock Revelation series, you might consider getting the youth involved. They don’t necessarily have to preach the series. But, let’s not underestimate the power of youth ministry—I’m talking about the kind where the youth are the ones actively ministering to people, and not necessarily being ministered unto. In the end, both objectives are accomplished.
“We’re all able to share the word of God, and nothing should stop us from doing it,” says an enlightened Noemi.
Wouldn’t you agree?

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