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2018 Camp Meeting Seminars
This only a preview of the upcoming camp meeting seminars, and are subject to change. This list will be updated as we receive new seminar information. No day or times will be posted until a date closer to Camp Meeting.
ACS/Disaster Response:
  • Blood Drive- The First Sunday in the Cedar Lake Church Fellowship Hall
  • Chainsaw Training-Richard Harris
  • Forklift Practice- Terry Dodge
  • Care Kits and Flood Buckets-Diana Bruch
  • How to Organize your Center-Nancy Coon
  • Sky Warn Class-Jason Whitaker  
  • How to Interview Clients-Diana Bruch
  • Reasons for Hope: The Case for Faith in a Secular Age-Anthony Bosman & Jordan Reichart
  • Staying Safe Online while Traversing  the Perilous Interwebs-Sean Parker 
  • Stealing Lucifer's Playground-Dee Casper
  • Board, But Not Bored- Jeremy Hall
  • Age & Behavior- Judy Shull
  • Every Day with Jesus-Judy Shull
Family Life:
  • Parenting in Today's Culture-Tom & Alane Waters
  • Emotional Relationship Healing-Sung Um
Health Ministries:
  • Healthy Cuisine:  Culinary Secrets for Better Health, Better Taste, Better Living Culinary Secrets for Better Health, Better Taste, Better Living-Chef Mark Anthony
  • Diabetes, Pre-diabetes, &  Overweight-Dr. Zeno Charles-Marcel
  • Firearms in the Church-Leander Tomazeli
  • Jesus, the Way the Truth the Life-Jed and Jodi Genson
  •  On the Outskirts of Jerusalem-Dr. Philip Mills Sr.
  • A Light was Kindled-Dr. C Raymond Holmes
  • Be Filled with the Spirit-Daniel Scarone  
  • Come to the Table-Andrea Walechka
  • Practical Christian Living-Dick Bullock
  • 8 Laws of Spiritual Health-Christian Berdahl
  • Elders, Deacon, Deaconess Training-Royce Snyman
Sabbth School:
  • Sabbath School to the Next Level-Tom Mejeur
  • Yikes!-I’m a New Treasurer -Michelle Ancel
  • Protecting…the Funds, the People, the Property-Trooper Kevin Sweeney
Women’s Ministry:
  • Women’s Ministry Training-Carolyn Sutton
  • Adventurer Training
  • Pathfinder Master Guide Training
  • The FUNdamentals of Camp Meeting-Bob & Jody Murphy
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