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Pastor Jacob Gibbs shares a gripping message on the meaning of communion. 

Teen Bible Camp

by Andy Im


March, 2018 / Lansing, MI

130 teens from our Adventist schools (8-10th graders), including homeschoolers, and 30 sponsors converged at the exquisite Camp Au Sable for Teen Bible Camp. The theme for this year's event was "Identity," and the driving motivation was to make Jesus a personal and living reality for every teenager.
The breakout sessions focused on our uniquely Adventist pillars that entail who we are as a people—the state of the dead, our sanctuary message, the Sabbath, spirit of prophecy, and the second coming. The nifty aspect of the breakouts was that Jesus was made Front and Center for every pillar and doctrine. 

During the Sabbath divine message, an appeal was made for baptism, and eight teens stepped forward. It's awesome to witness the Holy Spirit moving upon hearts, both young and old. 
The weekend was richly imbued with spiritual fellowship, Bible studies, powerful presentations, communion service, and delectable cuisine from Chef Miguel. 

Associate Superintendent, Jeremy Hall, shares the reason
& the relational importance for the Sabbath doctrine.  

Pastor Chad Bernard engages thoughtfully with our teens
regarding the state of the dead, & why it's important. 

Pastor Aron Crews illustrates the beauty of Ellen White, 
why God sent her, & why she's relevant today. 

Pastor Jacob Gibbs focusing on the centrality of Jesus
in the sanctuary message, & why it matters. 

Pastor Andy Im reveals why knowing the biblical Jesus
is vital to one's initial acceptance of Jesus & experience.

Judy Ramos with the Youth Department organizes
& makes Teen Bible Camp run smoothly. 
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