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Human Resources
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The office of Human Resources will oversee the hiring for Michigan Conference.

Laura Im
Director of Human Resources

Laura Im is the Director of Human Resources for the Michigan Conference of Seventh-day Adventists. She previously served in the Planned Giving Department of Amazing Facts, Inc. at their headquarters in Roseville, CA.  Laura completed her bachelor's degree in English/French Studies from Andrews University.  She then obtained her law degree from Osgoode Hall Law School in her native Canada.  Laura worked mainly in criminal and real estate law before turning her attention to ministry full-time.  Laura's interests include ministering to students and young professionals, reading, traveling, ministering to students and young professionals, and finding new adventures with her husband Andy and daughter Olivia.

Sonya Howard



Human Resource Helps

Check out the Shield the Vulnerable website.  It is dedicated to raising awareness and prevention of mistreatment of children and the elderly by training young people and adults about abuse, neglect, predators, bullying, boundaries, respect, and the perils of cyberspace.

Shield the Vulnerable Instructions

NEW Letter RE: Measurement Period for Churches

NEW Letter RE: Measurement Period for Schools

New Hire Packet

Employee Agreement Form

Steps in Hiring an Employee

Health Exchange Notice

I-9 Instructions and Forms

W-4 Forms

Hourly Time Sheets

Affordable Health Care Act Packet Sent Out 2013
Employee Monthly and Bi-Monthly Report Forms
Workman's Comp Claim Form

Volunteer Forms
2015 Pay Periods 

Form to Decline Coverage for HCAP

End of Employment Form


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