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Women's Ministries

REST: The 2015 Women's Retreat April 3-5, 10-12, 17-19
Speaker: Tami Milligan

R E S T:
  • R : Recognize &
  • E : Evict
  • S : Stinking
  • T : Thinking
What is it that brings rest?  You know, when you think about a restful event, what was it that made it restful?  The venue? The ambiance? The presence (or absence) of…what???  I think you will agree that rest has more to it than just quiet and beautiful spaces.  I can be in a quiet space and have craziness going on inside…Come experience some restfulness with fellow sisters at Camp Au Sable.  God will be there, and we will find rest for our souls.
Friday Night:  Are you OK?

Sabbath Morning:  Rest
Sabbath Evening:  Rested
Sunday Morning:  Resting
  • RETREAT INFO--Theme, Cost, Lodging, Seminars and Speakers, Offering, Scholarship Requests & Eligibility, What to Bring, & Location.
  • GROUP FORM--a printable/mailable form for large groups. (or individuals)
Jane Harris

Jane Harris currently ministers as the Women’s Ministry Director for the Michigan Conference. She organizes many seminars for women, moms, and daughters and loves to connect with people. Jane believes outreach is for everyone and that there are many methods of evangelism and which can come in many different sizes and shapes. But the one method Jane loves the best is Friendship Evangelism, because this method has as many different forms as there are people. (Ministry of Healing, pg. 143.)

Janie is married to Craig Harris and together they have two grown married daughters, as well as one grandson Owen and another on the way! God has given Jane the gift of organization, decorating, and hospitality. It is not unusual to see Jane planning events at home and for the conference office. Jane has always loved studying the Bible and has given many Bible studies. Her hobbies are bargain shopping, decorating, restoring and repurposing old items, staying active, laughing, and spending time with her family.

Kasey McFarland

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