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Special Video (How to pack a Care Kit) 9-19-17

Hurricane Harvey Request

We have a formal request to send personal care kits to Texas.  Thank you for your help in providing basic needs to these hurricane victims. We depend on our members greatly for donations during these times.

Personal Care Kit (PCK)

PCK provides basic necessities to survivors who have been forced to leave their homes because of natural disaster. Please buy enough to last 3-5 days. (Please no motel size bottles)
Each comfort bag should contain the following: 
1 Wash Cloth
1 Bath Towel-light weight
Soap-3 oz and up
Shampoo-no larger than 15 oz.
Conditioner -no larger than 15 oz.
1 Comb-large
Brush (optional but nice for women’s and children’s kits)
Toothbrush- single brushes only in original wrapper.  No child size
Disposable Razor
Shaving Cream-travel size only (optional)
Deodorant-sample size only
Fingernail file or clipper-optional
6 Band-Aids-optional
Add to children’s kits:
Small toy or coloring book and crayons  
Add to Women’s kits:
5 individually wrapped feminine hygiene pads.
Please put all liquids in gallon size zip lock bag.  Then place it and all other items in 2 1/2 gallon zip lock bag.
Please mark on the outside what gender or age with magic marker.
Children’s Disaster Kit
This is to help replace toys or give the child something to do when parent is busy with filling out forms.  These may be added to children’s care kit.
1 coloring book
1 box of crayons
1 story book (preferably about feelings)
2 small toys with 1 being a  vehicle (these should be emergency
vehicles – police car, fire truck, ambulances – so
the children can express their feelings in play).
1 activity book with pencil and sharpener
1 small stuffed animal
Adventist Community Services Disaster Response serves victims of disaster without regard to religion or creed, race, age, or sex. ACSDR is able to serve effectively by utilizing a nationwide network of Adventist Community Services centers, more that 50 of which are located in Michigan.
Michigan ACSDR provides several services to disaster victims and their communities. 
·         Chain Saw Response Team can help after major wind storms by helping cut up downed trees and remove debris.
·         Mobile Kitchen Team can provide meals to victims or to disaster response personnel.
A New Mobile Kitchen is being built. The old unit has proven too costly to repair.  A slide out will provide the necessary room for our volunteers to safely work.  More funds are needed. You may help by marking your tithe envelopes, “Disaster Trailers” or sending funds directly to the conference office.
·         VHF and Emergency Ham Radio Communications are supplied for the Michigan ACSDR team by a Communications Team.
·         Donated goods management and distribution. In Michigan, this service is proved by a team trained in warehouse management, and in the reception of goods from the public and distribution of goods to the survivors of a disaster. Mobile distribution of goods is also available in Michigan.

Diana Bruch

Diana grew up in Silver Springs, MD and graduated from Columbia Union College in Takoma Park in 1980 with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing.  Diana became a pastor's wife two weeks later.  She has worked with Disaster Response and Adventist Community Services at the local church level and as Director for Adventist Community Service since 2001. Diana became a Certified Senior Adviser in 2011.


Support Staff

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Associate Director
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