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Justin Kim

Justin Kim serves as the Director of Communications, Sabbath School, Men's Ministries, and as the Associate Director for Campus Ministries for the Michigan Conference. He attended a Catholic high school and graduated from the Jewish sponsored Brandeis University with degrees in sociology and biology before working in medical research at Harvard Medical School. Having received graduate training in Christian Philosophy and Theology at the Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary, he has served as a missionary, editor, pastor of various church districts, and co-founder of the GYC movement.


Israel Ramos
Associate Director

Israel Ramos serves as the Associate Director of Communications & Sabbath School and as the Director of Public Campus Ministries Department for Michigan.  He has more than 15 years in ministry to public university students as a missionary, pastor, religious counselor, and administrator.  In 2002 he co-founded and served as the president of GYC -- a grassroots movement among Adventist young people around the world.  He lives near East Lansing, Michigan and enjoys triathlon, cooking, and organic farming.  He and his wife Judy are the proud parents of three young boys, Imanuel, Micah, and Titus.


Julie Clark

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