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Personal Ministries
Personal Ministries is about people caring about the needs of others. This department helps provide training and support services for pastors and members of the local church in their Christ-ordained work of helping their neighbors, friends, coworkers, and family members know of Jesus’ love. Its goal is to see every member of our churches involved in and excited about sharing the good news of Jesus and His soon coming. It attempts to accomplish this goal through the following training seminars, events, and programs:

Other Ministries of the Personal Ministries Department:

1. Ingathering: Hope for Humanity—This is our annual campaign to visit homes in our communities, share with them a report of our worldwide humanitarian work, and give them an opportunity to financially support this work.

2. Prison Ministry—The department supports the work of ministering to those in prison.

3. Training Center Churches (TCC) Leadership 

Steve Vail
Steve and Connie Vail are in the process of moving to the Carolina Conference. Jim Howard will be taking up these responsibilities January 1, 2015. Steve has been a part of the Michigan Conference since 1991. He worked as a resident evangelist in the Detroit Metropolitan area until 2009 when his focus turned to discipleship of new members along with a team of pastors. Since 2011, Steve was asked to take the leadership of the Michigan Conference Personal Ministries Department and assist with the implementation of Training Center Churches (TCC). He has always wanted to empower the people in the pew, by training church members for public and personal evangelism. Coming with a wealth of experience in public evangelism, gaining decisions for Christ is the burden of his heart.


Support Staff

Connie Vail
Associate Director
Jody Murphy

Upcoming Personal Ministries Events
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