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Evangelism Forms

Master Plan of Evangelism form and Funds Request - Step 1 (updated 2016)
Every year ALL Michigan churches fill out and return by October 25 to Sonya Howard at showard@misda.org.

Budget Request Form - Step 2 (updated 8/27/15)
This form must be completed and emailed before any funds are received. Therefore, please submit the form BEFORE your meetings and before you need the funds. Please email the completed form to Sonya Howard at showard@misda.org.

Budget Request Step 2 Form in Spanish (Created 2-20-14)

Income & Expense Final Report form - Step 3 (updated 8/27/15)
After a conference funded evangelism or outreach event is held, this form must be completed and returned to Sonya Howard at showard@misda.org. In most churches the treasurer will complete this form. This form should be completed no longer than 3 months after the meeting or returned no later than December 31 of the year the funds are released to the church. NO FUNDS FOR SUBSEQUENT YEARS WILL BE RELEASED until the previous year’s Step 3 form has been turned in.

For more information contact Jim Howard at 517-316-1563

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