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Leadership Initiative Training Educators

Video:  Module #1 - Law of the Lid

PowerPoint:  "Law of the Lid"

Handout PDF:  "Introduction to Facilitative Leadership"

PowerPoint:  "Introduction to Facilitative Leadership"


Video:  Module #2 - Law of Influence

PowerPoint:  "Law of Influence"

Handout PDF:  "Focus on Results, Processes and Relationships"

PowerPoint:  "Focus on Results, Processes and Relationships"


Video:  Module #3 - Law of Empowerment  Passcode:  6.EuSV1&

PowerPoint:  "Law of Empowerment"

Handout PDF:  "Seek Maximum Appropriate Involvement"

PowerPoint:  "Seek Maximum Appropriate Involvement"


Video:  Module #4 - The Law of Victory

PowerPoint:  "The Law of Victory"

Handout PDF:  "Facilitate Agreement"

PowerPoint:  "Facilitate Agreement"


Video:  Module #5 - Share an Inspiring Vision  Passcode: *=R=JXN7

PowerPoint:  "The Law of Navigation"

Handout PDF:  "Share an Inspiring Vision"