Camp Meeting Seminar Preview

2018 Camp Meeting Seminars

This only a preview of the upcoming camp meeting seminars, and are subject to change. This list will be updated as I receive new information. No day or times will be posted until a date closer to Camp Meeting.


ACS/Disaster Response:

  • Blood Drive- The First Sunday in the Cedar Lake Church Fellowship Hall
  • Chainsaw Training-Richard Harris
  • Forklift Practice- Terry Dodge
  • Care Kits and Flood Buckets-Diana Bruch
  • How to Organize your Center-Nancy Coon
  • Donation Operations for Disaster Response- Jesus Castillo
  • How to Interview Clients-Diana Bruch


  • Reasons for Hope:  The Case for Faith in a Secular Age-Anthony Bosman & Jordan Reichert

Children’s Ministries:

  • Coming Soon!


  • Staying Safe Online while Traversingthe Perilous Interwebs-Sean Parker
  • Stealing Lucifer’s Playground-Dee Casper
  • Update to Adventist Connect 3.0-Darryl Hosford


  • Board, Not Bored- Jeremy Hall
  • Age & Behavior- Judy Shull
  • Every Day with Jesus-Judy Shull
  • School Board Chair Meeting-Nereida Munoz

Family Life:

  • Break Through Series-Dr. Sung Um
  • Parenting in Today’s Culture-Tom & Alane Waters
  • Marriage-John Lomacang
  • Divorce Care-Harry & Sharon Miller

Health Ministries:

  • Healthy Cuisine:Culinary Secrets for Better Health, Better Taste, Better Living Culinary Secrets for Better Health, Better Taste, Better Living-Chef Mark Anthony
  • Diabetes, Pre-diabetes, &Overweight-Dr. Zeno Charles-Marcel


  • Firearms in the Church-Leander Tomazeli


  • Jesus, the Way the Truth the Life-Jed and Jodi Genson
  • On the Outskirts of Jerusalem-Dr. Philip Mills Sr.
  • A Light was Kindled-Dr. C Raymond Holmes
  • Be Filled with the Spirit-Daniel Scarone
  • Righteousness by Faith-Royce Snyman
  • Come to the Table-Andrea Walechka
  • Practical Christian Living-Dick Bullock
  • Social Media Mayhem & the Internet Infection-Christian Berdahl
  • Elders, Deacon, Deaconess Training-Royce Snyman
  • When Fire Comes Down-Jarod Thomas
  • Reprioritizing in the Last Days-Christian Martin
  • Hermeneutics-Why is it Important How We Interpret the Bible-Daniel Scarone
  • Got a Thinking Problem?-Laurie Snyman


  • Preparing Yourself for Success; Keeping Track of the Things that Count; Laying Aside the Extra Weight; Going Further on Less Effort; and Leaving it All on the Field-James Slater II


  • Yikes!-I’m a New Treasurer -Michelle Ancel
  • Protecting…the Funds, the People, the Property-Trooper Kevin Sweeney

Women’s Ministry:

  • Women’s Ministry Training-Carolyn Sutton


  • Adventurer Training
  • Pathfinder Master Guide Training
  • Fieldwork-Chad Bernard


  • The FUNdamentals of Camp Meeting-Bob & Jody Murphy