Camp Meeting Seminar Preview

                                2018 Camp Meeting Seminars#

This only a preview of the upcoming camp meeting seminars, and are subject to change. This list will be updated as I receive new information. No day or times will be posted until a date closer to Camp Meeting.


  • Adventist Literature: A Key to Discipleship- Theresa Broden
  • Adventist Literature: Promotes Successful Ministries- Theresa Broden

ACS/Disaster Response:

  • Blood Drive- The First Sunday in the Cedar Lake Church Fellowship Hall
  • Forklift Practice- Terry Dodge
  • Care Kits and Flood Buckets-Diana Bruch
  • How to Organize your Center-Nancy Coon
  • Donation Operations for Disaster Response- Jesus Castillo
  • Improving Interview Skills-Diana Bruch


  • Reasons for Hope:  The Case for Faith in a Secular Age-Anthony Bosman & Jordan Reichart
    • Faith & Reason-Anthony Bosman
    • Faith & Science-Anthony Bosman
    • Faith & History-Jordan Reichert
    • Faith & Suffering-Jordan Reichert
    • Faith & Questions-Anthony Bosman & Jordan Reichert

Children’s Ministries:

  • Help! What Do I Need to Do at Sabbath School for Structure and to Involve the Children?-Linda Gallimore
  • Let's Walk with Jesus!-Tami Milligan
  • Making the Bible Become Alive and Real to Children from Kindergarten to Earliteen-Linda Gallimore
  • Come Explore Ways to Make Salvation Real to Children-Tami Milligan
  • Children's Resource Center OPEN in the Library
  • No One Else Will Do It!-Tami Milligan


  • Staying Safe Online while Traversing the Perilous Interwebs-Sean Parker
  • Stealing Lucifer’s Playground-Dee Casper
  • Update to Adventist Connect 3.0-Darryl Hosford


  • Board, Not Bored- Jeremy Hall
  • Age & Behavior- Judy Shull
  • Every Day with Jesus-Judy Shull
  • School Board Chair Meeting-Nereida Martinez

Family Life:

  • Break Through Series-Dr. Sung Um
  • Parenting in Today’s Culture-Tom & Alane Waters
  • To Have and to Hold On-John Lomacang
    • Becoming One
    • 10 Relationship Challenges and How to Meet Them
    • Do You Speak My Language?
    • Keys to Better Communication
    • Holding On
  • Divorce Care-Harry & Sharon Miller

Health Ministries:

  • Healthy Cuisine: Culinary Secrets for Better Health, Better Taste, Better Living -Chef Mark Anthony
  • Diabetes, Pre-diabetes, &Overweight-Dr. Zeno Charles-Marcel
  • A RELEVANT Message for a GLOBAL Church & FARM STEW & You-Joy Kauffman


  • Church Security Systems-Leander Tomazeli
  • Risk Management for Schools and Churches-Leander Tomazeli


  • Jesus, the Way the Truth the Life-Jed and Jodi Genson
    • You Must Be Born Again
    • The Sanctified Life, a Lifelong Process
    • Satan is Defeated
    • How to Meet the Enemy
    • Keep It Alive
  • On the Outskirts of Jerusalem-Dr. Philip Mills Sr.
    • A Unconquerable Power for God
    • Being Dead, Yet Speaketh
    • Satan's Methods, Jesus' Methods
    • Follow Up
    • True and the False Disciples
  • A Light was Kindled-Dr. C Raymond Holmes
  • Be Filled with the Spirit-Daniel Scarone
  • Righteousness by Faith-Royce Snyman
    • 130 Years Later
    • Return of the Latter Rain
    • Wounded in the House of His Friends
    • Christ Our Righteousness
    • Revival and Reformation in the Last Days
  • Come to the Table-Andrea Walechka
  • God's Principles of Freedom of Conscience-Jerry Finneman
  • Practical Christian Living-Dick Bullock
  • Social Media Mayhem & the Internet Infection-Christian Berdahl
  • Elders, Deacon, Deaconess Training-Royce Snyman
    • Elder's Basic Training I & II
    • Deacon & Deaconess's Basic Training I & II
    • Managing Theological Conflict in the Local Church
  • When Fire Comes Down-Jarod Thomas
    • Strange Flames
    • House on Fire
    • Fire on the Threshing Floor
    • Baptized by Fire
  • Reprioritizing in the Last Days-Christian Martin
    • If Not Now, When?
    • Devotion to Agonizing Prayer
    • Fervent Love for One Another
    • Genuine Hospitality
    • Use of Spiritual Gifts
  • Hermeneutics-Why is it Important How We Interpret the Bible-Daniel Scarone
  • Got a Thinking Problem?-Laurie Snyman
    • Coping with Our Problems
    • When Life is So Unfair
    • Are You Uptight Instead of Alright?
  • Prophetic Faith-Wes Peppers
    • Prophetic Faith in Daniel-I
    • Prophetic Faith in Daniel-II
    • Prophetic Faith in Revelation-I
    • Prophetic Faith in Revelation-II
  • Ecuador Mission Trip Info Session-Wes Peppers
  • God's Ordained Order-Louis Torres

Sabbath School:

  • Adult Sabbath School: You're Teaching More Than a Lesson
    • The Sabbath School Vision Where are you Going?
    • Different Ways to Teach the Lesson
    • A Good Teacher is a Good Listener
    • Fellowship After the Closing Prayer
    • The Difference Between a Teacher and a Superintendent? Do you Prepare for Sabbath School?

Trust Services:

Jim Slater II has spent the past 28 years in the financial services industry.  In addition to his personal focus on finances, his background includes careers as an Investment and Insurance Advisor, a Corporate Retirement Plan Administrator, a Trust/Fiduciary Officer,  and his current position as Chief Investment Officer for a local Registered Investment firm.  He is the Treasurer of the Holland SDA Church and has served as the Treasurer of the Tri-Cities Habitat for Humanity.  Recently, Jim competed in the Chattanooga IRONMAN Triathlon, (a one-day, 144 mile swim/bike/run event), and he is currently training to compete in his second IRONMAN Triathlon this fall.

Jim’s personal background, career experience and easy to understand explanations brings a unique perspective to the subject of personal finance.  The focus will be on achievable solutions and real life applications that are consistent with biblical principles.

Preparing Yourself for Success-Jim Slater Jr.

  • Keeping Track of the Things that Count-Jim Slater, Jr.
  • Laying Aside the Extra Weight-Jim Slater, Jr.
  • Going Further on Less Effort-Jim Slater, Jr.
  • Leaving it All on the Field-Vern Alger


  • Yikes!-I’m a New Treasurer -Michelle Ancel
  • Protecting…the Funds, the People, the Property-Trooper Kevin Sweeney

Women’s Ministry:

  • Women’s Ministry Training-Carolyn Sutton


  • Pathfinder Master Guide Training
    • Pathfinder Club Ministry-Little Lambs to Master Guide...Seeing the Forest for the Trees-Dave Christenson
    • Introduction to Pathfinder Club Organization-An Organization to Beat the Devil-Dave Christenson
    • Introduction to Pathfinder Club Programming and Planning- A Key to Success-Dave Christenson
    • Pathfinder Club Outreach-Our Mission, Should We Accept It...-Dave Christenson
    • Introduction to Basic Drill-Atten-Hut!-Dave Christenson
    • Developmental Growth Age 10-15-Who Are These People & Why  Are They Following Me?-Dave Christenson
    • Introduction to Teaching-There is so Much Interesting Stuff Out There to Learn-Dave Christenson
    • Intro to Pathfinder Club Safety-Taking Care of the Children-Dave Christenson
    • Help! I Have to Give a Bible Study to a Teen! -Bible Study Helps for Teens-Craig Harris
  • Fieldwork-Chad Bernard
    • Meet Generation Z
    • The Method
    • Follow Me
    • A Reason to Stay


  • The FUNdamentals of Camp Meeting-Bob & Jody Murphy
  • Reach the World Next Door-Terri