Camp Meeting Seminars


This is only a preview of the upcoming camp meeting seminars and are subject to change. No day or times will be posted until a date closer to camp meeting.


Adventist Community Services/Disaster Response:

  • Blood Drive – The First Sunday in the Cedar Lake Church Fellowship Hall

  • Chainsaw Training – Jesus Castillo 

  • Forklift Training – Terry Dodge

  • A Brief Assessment of Suicide Potentiality – Laurie Snyman 

  • HAM Radio Class – Gregory Zaleski 


Adventist Book Center: 

  • Successful Soul Winning with Adventist Literature – Theresa Broden 


Adventist Risk Management: 

  • Safety Officer Training; Pathfinder & Camp Meeting Safety; Insurance 101; Risk Management for Treasurers – Hunter Pettis


Children’s Ministries:

  • Fun Ways to Explore God’s Word; Teach Bible Marking for Children – Linda Gallimore 



  • Reaching Your Local Community with Facebook Marketing – Chris Matts 



  • Does Adventist Education Make a Difference? Retention Data; Why Adventist Education? Its Relevancy in a Modern Society – Larry Blackmer 



  • Effective Evangelism: Before, During, and After Jesus on Prophecy– Wes Peppers 

  • Michigan Conference Cuba Mission Trip (Information Session) – Wes Peppers 


Family Life:

  • Teach Them Diligently – Cinda Osterman, Amy Austin, & Megan Allen 

  • Pursuing Healthy, Vibrant, and Lasting Marriage – Sung & Jewel Um 

  • Leading our Families – Gail Micheff et Al

  • Family Finances for Life – Bob & Elsena Benson 

  • Divorce Care-Harry & Sharon Miller


Health Ministries:

  • Addictions & the Devil’s Battleground; Journey to Wholeness Addictions Recovery Program – Angeline David 

  • Hydrotherapy Plus – Carola Janiak 

  • A Practical Guide to Herbal Remedies – Lee Wellard 

  • “Gut” Feelings – Vicki Griffin & Evelyn Kissinger 



  • BibleRICH: Memorizing the Bible and Scriptures with Pictures – Dan Connell & Johanna Evanoff 

  • Closing the Backdoor – Olan Thomas 

  • Elders, Deacon, Deaconess Training – Royce Snyman

  • Every Wind of Doctrine – Norman McNulty 

  • How Prophetic Preaching Touches the Heart, Leading to Decisions for Jesus and His Truth – Daniel Towar 

  • It is Written’s, My Place with Jesus Child Evangelism Program – Melissa Bradshaw 

  • Justification by Faith – A Legal Biblical View of this Core Teaching – Daniel Scarone 

  • Mastering My Emotions with God’s Tools – Laurie Snyman 

  • Keys to the Successful Devotion – Joong Ho Shin 

  • Mormonism in the Crossroad – Daniel Scarone 

  • Preparing the Church of the Last Hour Mission – C Raymond Holmes

  • Revival Plan: The Elijah Solution – Rich Constantinescu

  • The Media Mind: Reclaiming the Human Soul in the Digital Dark Age – Scott Ritsema 

  • Women in Adventist History: Roles, Relationships, and Rewards – Gina Wahlen 



  • Going ABOVE and BEYOND: Daring to Ask for More – Melody Mason 


Religious Liberty: 

  • Religious Freedom in Daniel and Revelation – Jerry Finneman 


Sabbath School & Personal Ministries: 

  • White Out: Whatever Happened to the Gift of Prophecy? – Mark Howard 

  • Personal Ministries: Special Forces Training – Kameron DeVasher 

  • Sabbath School ALIVE! – Kameron DeVasher 


Strong Tower Radio: 

  • How to Edit Audio for Radio Training – Elsena Benson & Tom Mejeur

  • How to Record Broadcast Ready Sermons - John Duman 

  • Pre-Edit Audio Screening; Broadcast Ready Sermons – John Duman 



  • Are You Putting Our 501 (c)(3) at Risk? – Mark Tallis 

  • Keeping LUCIS Ship Shape/ Making the Most of Adventist Giving – Michelle Ancel & Sean Parker 

  • Basic Concepts 101 for New Church/School Treasurers – Michelle Ancel & Cari Haus 


Trust Services 

  • The Who, What, When and Where of Estate Planning – Matt Romashko


Women’s Ministry:

  • Scripture Painting Class – Natalie Woolf 

  • Reaching the "5-13 Window" for Christ – Barb Hemenway



  • Pathfinder Master Guide Training – Dave Christenson & Craig Harris 

  • Youth & Young Adult Sabbath School Training – Chad Bernard & Brenda Siebold 



  • The FUNdamentals of Camp Meeting-Bob & Jody Murphy