Planned Giving & Trust Services

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The God of heaven owns everything . He allows us, His followers, to be stewards of time, talent, and possessions to use during our lifetime to glorify Him. These blessings provide for our personal needs, the needs of others, and the advancement of God's work on earth.

The Department of Planned Giving and Trust Services assists members and friends of the church in providing for their family and God's work through trusts, wills, gift annuities, and other special gifts. The conference arranges and pays for the services of an attorney for consultation and document preparation. Family, conference, academies, local churches and schools benefit greatly from these arrangements. The Church through this specialized ministry also serves as trustee of a variety of revocable, irrevocable, and charitable trusts as well as personal representative in certain situations.
Many are discovering the satisfaction of making current tax-wise gifts from accumulated assets. Gifts of appreciated assets such as real estate, stocks, bonds, and personal property can provide tax benefits and significantly support many ministries. Special plans are available that turn highly appreciated (or fully depreciated) assets into a life income and result in a future gift to God's cause.



A fourth-generation Adventist and Michigander by birth, Joel Nephew began denominational work in 1988 as a Literature Evangelist. He started pastoring in the New York Conference in 1992, where he was later ordained to the gospel ministry. He and his wife Corina have two adult sons, Justin and Alex, and one daughter-in-law, Rachel, Justin’s wife. In his leisure time Joel enjoys cutting wood, beekeeping and short-term building projects; but his passion is for enlarging the kingdom of God. He has been in the Trust Services Department since November, 2012.



Gene Hall was born in Owosso, Michigan and is married to Ciliciana, his wife of 44 years. Together they have three children and seven grandchildren. Gene began working full time as a Literature Evangelist in June, 1976 and continued in that field for 21 years. In February 1996 he was called to pastoral ministry in Indiana. Then in May, 2000, he came back to Michigan and served the Jackson/Bunkerhill churches for nine years and the Holland Church for the past five years, before joining the Trust Services department at the Michigan Conference.  Gene has been married 47 years and has 8 grandchildren.




Ramona Hickman serves as the Assistant & Trust Officer for Planned Giving & Trust Services. 

She is married to Brook and has been in the Trust Services Department since, 2008.