Jim Micheff: Presidential Address

Michigan Conference president shares a timely message and thought.


Camp Meeting Sermons & Presentations

Sermons and seminars that took place in the main auditorium are archived on the Michigan Conference website at www.misda.org/video2021. The audio recordings of all the presentations are archived at www.misda.org/audio2021. We are also making available the handouts that were distributed for some of the seminar presentations. They can be accessed at www.misda.org/seminar-handouts. We are no longer offering CD or DVD recordings of camp meeting presentations for purchase or otherwise.


Refreshed: Camp Au Sable Store

The camp store located at Camp Au Sable is now offering a variety of health food products and more. For more information and location, simply access the link below.  

Camp Store


Sunset Calendar

We were unable to provide a 2021 sunset calendar insert in the Michigan Memo. However, you may access the electronic version below. Please be sure to share with your family and friends!

Sunset Calendar


Offering Appeals (2021)

The scripted offering appeals for 2021 are available and can be accessed in both Spanish and English.


Livestream Worship Options

Many are unable to worship at a physical church due to Coronavirus protocols recommended by state and federal authorities. Click on the following link to find a church to live-stream this upcoming Sabbath. 









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Unless the mind of God becomes the mind of men, every effort of man to purify himself will be useless; for it is impossible to elevate man except through a knowledge of God.

Ellen G. White


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