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The president is the spiritual leader and oversees the personnel, operations, and entities of the Conference. He chairs the constituency meetings, the executive committee, and numerous subcommittees and boards.

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The secretary maintains the records of the Conference, including church membership, and provides statistical data when requested by the various levels of church organization. He also supports the president and assists him in his responsibilities.

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The treasurer serves as the chief financial officer of the Conference, its subsidiaries, and owned institutions. He provides financial management in the budgeting and operations of the Conference. 

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Adventist Community Services

Adventist Community Services provides an opportunity to reach out to the world as ambassadors for Christ and meet physical, mental, and emotional needs.


ASI is an enthusiastic group of committed Adventists who are seeking to grow in their discipleship for the Master. This organization provides training and motivational fellowship for sharing Christ in the marketplace. 

Camp Au Sable

Located in Grayling, Michigan, on a beautiful spring-fed lake, Camp Au Sable aims for every activity, whether it is facing one's fears on the climbing wall, or walking around the boardwalk, to lead participants closer to Jesus.

Camp Sagola

Camp Sagola is our beautiful campground in the Upper Peninsula.

Children's Ministries

The Children’s Ministries department provides resources for individuals and churches to reach children in their community. They plan workshops to provide training for the volunteers who teach in the children’s departments of Sabbath School and for those who conduct a Vacation Bible School. 


The Communication department seeks to facilitate communication within all the various components of the Michigan Conference through publications, promotional materials, and online resources. The Communication department also acts as a liaison to the media.

Disaster Response

Adventist Community Services Disaster Response serves victims of disaster without regard to religion, creed, race, age, or sex.


Adventist education prepares students for a useful and joy-filled life, fostering friendship with God, whole-person development, Bible-based values, and selfless service in accordance with the Seventh-day Adventist mission to the world.


The Evangelism department assists churches in conducting public evangelistic campaigns in their local communities.

Family Ministries

The Family Ministries department provides a variety of different ways to nurture and strengthen families.

Health Ministries

The Health Ministries department provides a variety of resources and information promoting healthful living, with the mission of helping our members and communities to gain healthier bodies, brains and, lives!

Hispanic Ministries

The Hispanic Ministries department serves the Latino congregations of the Michigan Conference and assists in recognizing their unique needs.

Human Resources

The Human Resources department provides management and oversight over various aspects of employment, such as compliance with labor law, standards of employment and conference policy, as well as the administration of conference employee benefits. 

Lay Advisory

The Michigan Conference Lay Advisory consists of one representative from each church, chosen by the local congregation. Their function is to keep the church informed about various conference programs and projects and to solicit the help of the congregation as needed.

Literature Ministries

The Literature Ministries department exists to proclaim the gospel of hope to the whole world in this generation with publications and other forms of media given through personal contacts.

Men's Ministries

The Men's Ministries department assists in ministering to the spiritual needs of men.


The Ministerial department provides the local congregation with pastoral resources and strives to minister to individual pastors as a "pastor to the pastors."

Planned Giving & Trust Services

The Trust Services department provides comprehensive estate planning assistance for Michigan Conference members and their families.

Public Affairs & Religious Liberty

The Public Affairs and Religious Liberty department provides assistance in Sabbath issues in relation to your employment, a union membership question or letter, a letter for a non-combatancy stand, or some other issue relating to matters of religious freedom and public affairs. 

Public Campus Ministries

The Public Campus Ministries department exists to prepare public campuses for the imminent return of Christ. It accomplishes this through a Bible-based revival movement in which every student is a missionary.

Risk Management

The Risk Management department assists in protecting the ministries of the Michigan Conference through assistance with insurance and other property-related issues.

Sabbath School & Personal Ministries

Michigan Sabbath School and Personal Ministries (SSPM) exists to train, equip, and encourage lay members to win souls and grow their local churches. Michigan SSPM is responsible for Adult Sabbath School, Personal Ministries, and Specialized Ministries such as Prison Ministries, Special Needs Ministries, Ingathering, and District Growth Initiatives (in partnership with our Ministerial Department). Michigan SSPM also directs the Emmanuel Institute.


The Stewardship department assists in facilitating charitable giving through tithe and offering. 

Women's Ministries

The Women's Ministries department facilitates a robust ministry to the women of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Michigan.

Youth Ministries

The Youth Ministries department works to minister to and meet the spiritual needs of youth within the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Michigan.