Disaster Response

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Disaster Response

Chelli Ringstaff is the director for Adventist Community Services and Disaster Response. She has a love for spreading the gospel through service, and believes that every soul helped is a soul touched by Christ. Chelli is married to Justin, and enjoys her prayer walks with her dog, Diesel. 







Terry Dodge is the associate director for Disaster Response. 









Adventist Community Services Disaster Response serves victims of disaster without regard to religion, creed, race, age, or sex. ACSDR is able to serve effectively by utilizing a nationwide network of Adventist Community Services centers, more that 50 of which are located in Michigan.


Michigan ACSDR provides several services to disaster victims and their communities. 

  • Chain Saw Response Team can help after major wind storms by helping cut up downed trees and remove debris.
  • Mobile Kitchen Team can provide meals to victims or to disaster response personnel.
  • VHF and Emergency Ham Radio Communications are supplied for the Michigan ACSDR team by a Communications Team.
  • Donated goods management and distribution is provided by a team trained in warehouse management and in the reception of goods from the public and distribution of goods to the survivors of a disaster. Mobile distribution of goods is also available in Michigan.
  • Donations: If you are able to give a monetary donation to help with Disaster Response deployments, please send it to Michigan Conference of SDA (5801 W Michigan Ave. Lansing, MI 48917) and mark it for Disaster Response. Thank you in advance!


Be sure to attend our trainings at camp meeting, June 14-22, 2024. 






If you are interested in training in your area and would like immediate information, please contact miacsdr@misda.org.