Why Go to Camp Meeting?

By Amalee Danielle Sandoval -  May 25, 2018


Why Camp Meeting?

Why should you go to Michigan camp meeting? Well, if you like lots of people; about two-thousand people attend every year. If you're like me, and don't like lots of people, don't worry; I've been there lots of times, and I haven't ever felt overwhelmed. If you love extreme camping, or even just plain old camping, this is the place to be. You never know what kind of weather you'll get at camp meeting. You may need a boat to get around, or you may use a whole bottle of sunscreen. I've seen both. Sometimes you need rope and huge stakes to hold your tent down because it's so windy (I saw a tent in the top of a tree once), other times the tent doesn't need a single stake. They get tornado warnings every year, but don't worry,  there is the auditorium to be used as a storm shelter. Of course, if you're too far to get there in time, there are smaller buildings to run to. Oh, the tornadoes haven't hit camp before, so you'll be just fine.

Another great thing: the campsites are cheap! You can get a campsite with no water or electricity, or you can get one with water and electricity. These campsites range from $70 to $120. If you don't like camping, you don't have to! You can rent a cabin, dorm room, or cottage that range from $240 to $270. If you have a camper, there are plenty of lots to hook it up in. These cost from $120 to $260. All of these prices are for the whole week! Still not convinced? There's more!

You don't have to cook (unless you're vegan)! You can order meals ahead for only seven dollars an adult, five dollars a child (ages seven to twelve), and six and under are free. There is a menu online so you can know what you'll be getting. But the best part is Cedar Reader! There are so many different kinds of cold, sweet things. You can even get vegan ice cream! It might get hot, so ice cream fits right in. They also sell canned foods and used books. The ABC store is also there with hundreds of different products. Nearby there is Rogers Natural Foods, a very nice health food store.

If you are too lazy to walk (you shouldn't be), there are trams to take you to main stops. When you really get lazy, there are zillions of golf cart taxis to take you to the exact place you need to go. Since all of you love exercise, there are miles of trails to walk on. Sabbath afternoon is a good time either for a nap, or for a walk. Also, if you walk from your campsite everywhere, you'll get more exercise than you've had in a month.

Did you ever wonder what you would do with your kids at camp meeting? There are kids meetings! From beginners through young adult, they have it all. Some ages have a water slide on a certain day, the teens have a day to do a car wash for people, and on alternating years different classes have a special music for the main meeting. The classes are well staffed and interesting. They have memory verses to memorize for prizes in some classes. One thing all of them have in common is recreation time. Some have a playground to play on, others play games like soccer, sharks and minnows, tag, and capture the flag. If someone gets hurt, there are EMTs who take care of injuries (this applies to the whole campus). For kindergarten through primary you can choose if your child has to wait for you, or leave by themselves. The pastors make sure everyone behaves, and move kids around if need be.

For the adults, there are many interesting speakers. There are lots and lots of workshops to attend. The classes are thought provoking and very informative. But best of all: the Holy Spirit is there. Every year my heart has been touched by the messages of God given through humble, sincere men. Those messages give me something worthwhile to think about, and help me better understand God's love for me and everyone else. Many times the messages seem to be just for me. Everyone will gain a  tremendous spiritual blessing at camp meeting.    

If you are in need of encouragement, good Christian company, or just somewhere to relax; come to Michigan camp meeting! You'll never be the same!


Amalee is the daughter of LeEtta and Dr. Mark Sandoval, president of Uchee Pines Institute in Seale, Alabama. She has been attending Michigan campmeeting since the age of 3. The eldest of six children, a homeschooler, and budding violinist; Amalee's favorite pastime is reading.