2021 Seminars

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2021 Seminars

Welcome to the 2021 Michigan Conference Campmeeting! You can find all of the audio messages that were recorded in the 2021 campmeeting held in Cedar Lake, Michigan from June 18-26, 2021. If you are looking for the plenary sessions, please go to this page. You can also subscribe to our weekly podcasts to have them delivered to your device every week. We pray that you will receive a blessing!

Chris Holland - Seven Keys to Effective Evangelism and Church Growth


Alistair Huong - End-time Finance


Wes Peppers - Reach Michigan


Wes Peppers - Adventism: The Answer to Modern Atheism


Vicki Griffin - Strength Through the Storm


Rich & Ronda Smith - Natural Remedies Workshop


Lauri Snyman - Mastering Your Anxiety


Gregory & Carol Allen - His Invitation: Reconciliation, Unity & Latter Rain Power


Marriage Seminar - Various Presenters


Ben & Brianna Martin - Discipleship Parenting


Angela Boothby - Connect


Dan Connell & Johanna Evanoff - BibleRICH - Memorizing Scriptures of the Three Angels' Message


Dan Rachor - Foundations for Hope in the Book of Hebrews


Larry Kirkpatrick - Come, Lord Jesus


Mark Howard & Royce Snyman - Righteousness by Faith: The Rest of the Story


Eugene Prewitt - True Liberty & Religious Nonsense


Scotty Mayer - A Dangerous Affection


Travis Smith - The Three Angels' Messages


Wes McDonald - Let My Pastors Go


Kameron DeVasher & Mark Howard - Emmanuel Core Workout


Mike Bernard - Michigan Conference Treasurers Meeting


Royce Snyman - Elders and Deacons Training


Cyndi Woods - Sensitivity in Disability


Lauri Snyman - Dealing with the Issues Surrounding Marijuana


Master Guide Skills Development