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2022 Audio Archives

Welcome to the 2022 Michigan Conference Camp Meeting! Here you can find all the audio messages from camp meeting held in Cedar Lake, Michigan from June 10-18, 2022. You can also subscribe to our weekly podcast (below) to have them delivered to your device every week. We pray that you will receive a blessing!

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The audio messages from the 2022 have been categorized by subject. In order to listen to these messages, click on the categories below to be taken to a page with these messages. May you be blessed!

Plenary Messages by Pastor John Bradshaw

Plenary Messages by Pastor Dr. Neil Nedley

Plenary Messages by Pastor Adam Ramdin

Plenary Messages by Pastor Philip Samaan

Additional Plenary Meetings

Biblical Seminars

Family Life Seminars

Health Seminars

Misc. Training

Outreach Seminars