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Camp Meeting Audio

Welcome to the 2023 Michigan Conference Camp Meeting! Here you can find all the audio messages from camp meeting held in Cedar Lake, Michigan from June 9-17, 2023. You can also subscribe to our weekly podcast (below) to have them delivered to your device every week. We pray that you will receive a blessing!

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Plenary Messages

        Jim Micheff - The Boldness of the Cross

        Stephen Bohr
               Deadly Camouflage
               The Certainty of God's Promises
               Seven Times Washed
               The Mother of All Conspiracies
               Fishers of Men

        Randy Skeete
               Adam and His Family
               No Prisoners
               Somebody is Lying

        Shawn Boonstra
               With All Boldness, Part 1
               With All Boldness, Part 2

        Tim Rumsey - Snapshots of My Redeemer

        Mark Howard - Established in the Present Truth



        Called to Lead - Chad Bernard, Jeremy Hall, Delwin Garcia, Craig Harris, Lori Randall

        Clear Clutter and Get Organized - Patsy Towar

        From Home to Eternity - Amie Hubbard

        From Mormonism to Adventism - Cody Francis

        Gardening Tips: Preparing for Eternity in the Dirt - E.J. Wolf

        Is it Time to Fast? - Dan Augsburger

        Mastering the Meaning and Methods of Money Management - Jim Slater

        P.R.A.Y. Like Never Before - Darrel le Roux

        Prophetic Preaching and Persuasive Appeals for Decision - Dan Towar

        Religious Liberty Under Pressure - Joe Reeves

        Prophetic Preaching and Persuasive Appeals for Decision - Daniel Towar

        Sharing the Three Angels' Messages in 30 Seconds - Oleg Lotca

        Theodicy - Travis Smith

        Users Guide to Natural Remedies: Simple Treatments for Common Ailments - Kimberly Azelton

        Young Pioneers - Brian Strayer