With All Boldness: Camp Meeting Prayer Ministry

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With All Boldness: Camp Meeting Prayer Ministry

Welcome to the Camp Meeting 2023 Prayer Ministry.  We invite you to participate with us in our public prayer times, every morning from 6 a.m. to 6:45 in the Main Auditorium Commons (back of the auditorium) for those who can stay to the end.   We will also have prayer times right after each seminar (in the afternoons and mornings).

Join us with the following:

  1. Our Prayer Times
  2. Our Prayer Team
  3. Our Prayer Request/Praises online.
  4. Our Prayer Seminars.

We look forward to what God wants to do with a committed and consecrated people this Camp Meeting.

Please note that our First Prayer Time on Sabbath morning will focus on Praise and Petition for the Holy Spirit as Preparation of Repentance and confession took place on the Preparation day before the Sabbath:)