Principal Monthly Forms and Planning

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Principal Monthly Forms and Planning


Preparation For School

  • Send pre-session schedule to teachers before they arrive on contract.
  • Finalize and prepare registration documents and schedule cleaning of school prior to registration.
  • Populate Jupiter with new families (get student I.D. from NAD Dashboard).
  • Keep treasurer updated on a daily basis and working with families to get financial contracts signed.
  • Get IT support for new staff and equipment.
  • Complete the Active Shooter Preparedness and Walkthrough Google Form - Due every 3 Yr.

    Check the playground for proper depth of mulch.  (9 to 12 inches)  Ensure the playground meets the requirements outlined here.


  • If any 8th graders are taking Algebra 1 you must get approval from the Lake Union before school begins.  Click here for that form This must be approved before classes begin.

  • Lock-in your Fall Week of Prayer speaker

Registration Forms

Misc. Forms


AUGUST -  Due 17th

Things to do: 


SEPTEMBER - Due 17th

Monthly Reminders:

  • A health appraisal is required of all students entering a Michigan school for the first time. A physical examination is required each year until they turn 5, then in 7th grade, or if a students health status changes significantly.
  • Student immunization records need to be up-to-date. Non-medical immunization waivers cannot be accepted without the county health department stamp and signature of the authorizing agent completing parent/guardian immunization education.
  • Finalize details with the speaker for your Fall Week of Prayer.


OCTOBER - Due 17th

Monthly Reminders: 

  • Keep school Emergency Drills Notebook up-to-date.
  • Final Budget for Current School Year Form is due November 17.
  • Schedule Parent-Teacher Conferences for end of 1st Quarter.
  • Start keeping track of new inventory and deletion of old inventory. (June 17 section)


NOVEMBER - Due 17th


DECEMBER - Due 17th 

Monthly Reminders:

  • The second MAP Assessment is just a few weeks away.
  • Update your Emergency Drills Notebook.
  • Invite a speaker to your Spring Week of Prayer.
  • Communicate to parents about the upcoming PT Conferences.


JANUARY - Due 17th

Monthly Reminders:

  • MAP Assessments are approaching at end of January.
  • Communicate to parents about the upcoming PT Conferences with MAP Growth results.
  • Certification and Graduate Tuition Scholarship Applications may be found at the Lake Union website.
  • If you know someone who would like to teach in the Michigan Conference please encourage them to send us a current resume.
  • Keep school Emergency Drills File up-to-date.
  • Review with your board chair and then the school board at large the recommendations made at the last school evaluation. A Written Progress Report will be due in our office on March 17. This does not apply to schools that have an evaluation during the current school year.


FEBRUARY - Due 17th

  • Emergency Drills Form - Due Monthly
  • Send the School Board Minutes and Treasurers Report to Sheri Castanon.

Monthly Reminders:


MARCH - Due 17th

Monthly Reminders:


APRIL - Due 17th

Monthly Reminders:


MAY - Due 17th

Monthly Reminders:

  • Keep school Emergency Drills website up-to-date.
  • Start working on your school inventory while you have other teachers who can help (due June 10).
  • Do your semi-annual surveillance of asbestos this month. (Send the form on June 10).
  • Directions for Asbestos Notification
    •   Choose the appropriate letter
    •   Copy on school letter head
    •   Mail to parents of all students and others who are in the school building
    •   Send a copy to the Office of Education with your June 10 report
    •   Place a copy of the Asbestos Annual Letter of Notification letter in Section 7 of the AHERA Management Plan Notebook


JUNE - Due 3rd

Monthly Reminders:

  • Enjoy the summer!  You can serve others only if you are first filled.


Principal Forms & Documents 

Asbestos Forms

Annual Letter of Asbestos Notification There are two letters, one for schools with asbestos and one for asbestos free schools. 

Asbestos Surveillance Form Schools with asbestos need to check these areas twice a year and report to the office. 

Contractor Notification Form As required by the EPA Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act (AHERA), each school is responsible for providing contractors with information regarding locations of known or assumed asbestos-containing building materials prior to the contractor working in a building under the school's jurisdiction. 


Emergency Drills

Emergency Drills Form

2020-21 Emergency Drills Record

2021-22 Emergency Drills Record

2022-23 Emergency Drills Record

2023-24 Emergency Drills Record


Employee Forms

Adventist Screening Instructions

Employee Request to Volunteer

Hourly Employment Agreement

Hourly Form_16B_Protected-W_Formulas

Hourly Form_16B_Regular

Substitute employment agreement

Substitute reimbursement form

Volunteer Data Sheet

Volunteer Code of Conduct form


Incident Reports

Incident Report Form - Please complete the attached form and send to the Michigan Conference Education Department. 

Incident Claim Form - This is completed and sent with all bills for processing of the claim.

Incident insurance card to be given to parents when there is an injury

K-12 Accident Insurance Website. (DO NOT ENROLL FOR INSURANCE ON THE SITE)


Opening Reports

Bible Labs Planning Form

Daily Class Schedule Form Fillable

Daily Class Schedule Minute Analysis

School Board Information

Technology Information Form

Student Accident Insurance form


Registration Forms

Student Enrollment

Driver Information

Guest Student Application

Health Appraisal

Medicines Authorization

Computer Acceptable Use Policy

Permission to Treat

Immunization Waiver

Birth Certificate Verification - A copy of the student's birth certificate needs to be kept on file. If the parent is uncomfortable, use the verification form. 

Photo Release

Record Release

Volunteer Code of Conduct

Volunteer Form



Secondary students Independent Correspondence in Elementary Schools


Handbooks & Templates

NAD Handbook for Principals

Junior Academy Manual

K-2 Program Manual

Lake Union Education Code

Michigan Education Handbook (2008)

NAD Home and School Manual

NAD School Board Manual

Technology  Plan Template

Continuous School Improvement Plan Template

Conflict of Interest Statement of Acceptance for Schools (attach E85 policy below)

E85 Conflict of Interest NAD Working Policy


Professional Development

Leadership Initiative Training


Textbook Ordering

Updated Cengage Ordering Process
Cengage - Communities creating an account and signing in
NAD Elementary Curriculum
Big Ideas/Cengage Replenishment
NAD Secondary Curriculum