Pathfinder Literature Impact

Pathfinder Literature Impact Day

We invite you to join Pathfinder clubs around Michigan for Pathfinder Literature Impact, a conference-wide "literature evangelism" outreach this April. Let's work together to reach as many homes as possible with truth-filled literature during Literature Emphasis Month. 

Participating is simple:

  1. Order/find literature to distribute.
  2. Plan territory.
  3. Train your club members to share literature. 
  4. Report your results through your monthly reporting form. 

Q: When will this Pathfinder outreach happen?

A: Pathfinder Literature Impact will be April 6, 2024. 

Q: Where will my Pathfinder club get GLOW/sharing books to distribute?

A: Here are three options for you:

  1. Ask your church's Personal Ministries director if they have literature left over from other church outreach projects. 
  2. Ask your church's Personal Ministries director if your church will be purchasing copies of The Great Controversy in preparation for the 2024 Literature Impact Day (April 13th). If yes, request they purchase additional copies for your Pathfinder club when ordering.
  3. If you've used up all your church's literature or need more, contact the Literature Ministries department via phone at (517) 316-1515 or via email at As part of our REACH Michigan project, we have literature available for free to youth-led/Pathfinder projects. All you need to do is cover shipping! 

Q: How should we distribute the literature?

A: However you like! Here are some ideas to get you started:

  1. Hand-deliver the books/GLOW door-to-door. Wee recommend including flyers for upcoming church events (cooking class, Revelation seminars, etc.). 
  2. Include books/GLOW with care packages to deliver to nursing home residents. 
  3. Find a busy sports or music event taking place in your area. Distribute books/GLOW to attendees as they walk in and out. 
  4. Visit missing members and hand-deliver books/GLOW along with hand-written cards. 

Q: Do you have territory maps we can use to plan outreach around our church? 

A: Yes, we do! As part of our ongoing partnership with Streams of Light International, we can provide easy-to-use territory assignments for every church in Michigan. Contact our office via phone at (517) 316-1515 or via email at to obtain the maps for your church. 

Q: We'd like to take our Pathfinders door-to-door, but how do we train them?

A: We plan to have training materials hosted on this page as the event nears. In the meantime, we recommend the Streams of Light Church Training Resources

Q: How do we report the number of books distributed/areas covered by our Pathfinders?

A: You can report the number of books distributed by your club through the standard Pathfinder reporting form. If you used a map from the Literature Ministries Department, please contact our office at (517) 316-1515 or via email at to report which areas you completed so we can mark it off.