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Adventurer Logo Change

Adventurer Logo Change Voted

The following is a letter released by the North American Division to all NAD club leaders, directors, and parents. 


For the past 8 years, the North American Division has worn an Adventurer Club logo that is unique to our Division within the structure of the Seventh-Day Adventist church. The reasons for that difference are many, and yet, after a healthy and robust conversation at the North American Division Youth Ministry Advisory and a vote by the North American Division Club Ministries committee back on February 28, 2023, the decision was made to adopt the General Conference Adventurer Club logo as soon as possible. 

The Advisories and committees include representatives from almost all of the North American Division conferences and Unions. This years' advisories were attended by close to 200 youth ministry leaders from around the NAD. 

We know that there are many of you who have invested a significant amount of money on the current NAD Adventurer logo resources (slides, patches, scarves, flags, etc) for your club. The transition to the new logo will not make the NAD logo obsolete. We have suggested a 6 year transition for those who may have invested the money currently and have no way of changing to the new logo soon. 

We are very aware that some clubs have recently invested in resources that have the current Adventurer club logo. Once we have the new GC flags, banners, scarves, slides and uniform patches, AdventSource will contact all clubs who have purchased these items in the past 12 months with an offer to exchange your NAD Adventurer logo resources listed above with the new GC logo resources. 

Availability of material with the new logo at Advent Source will be growing as they ramp up production. Please be patient as the transition happens. Current material with the NAD Adventurer logo will remain available as inventory is in stock. AdventSource will not continue to supply resources with the NAD Adventurer logo once inventory sells out. 

Please contact your local Conference youth department for more clarification and guidance regarding your own conference's timelines and procedures. 

We hope that this change does not affect the purpose and mission of your local adventurer club. We hope that we all continue striving to bring Jesus into the lives of families in our local communities through an amazing Adventurer club program.