Camp Sagola: In God We Trust

By Kibsa Ludwig -  December 7, 2023


Camp Sagola: In God We Trust

Camp Sagola has had a wonderful summer. 

Since 1968, Camp Sagola, located in the western U.P., has been a place dedicated to strengthening people's relationships with God and His creation, through Scripture, nature, and recreation. This year, Craig Morgan became the new director of Sagola's summer camps for children ages 8-17. Pastor Tony Ludwig was asked to carry on as Associate Director to help create continuity in the work and ministry of the camp. Under their leadership and the leadership of the new U.P. pastoral superintendent, Jim Hakes, the camp surged ahead toward higher quality programming and more effective teamwork among the staff (mostly U.P. pastoral families and Camp Au Sable counselors). 

Every camp experience, not just morning and evening worships, is seen by the staff as an opportunity to bring campers closer to God. Fitting for this year of transition, the theme was "In God We Trust." Archery, water sports, wilderness survival, Native American education, ceramics, and crafts are ways to build friendships and skills, but they are also inspiration for object lessons about how God cares for us and seeks to improve our life. Many prayers were answered as we witnessed about a third of the 63 young campers officially expressing their choice to trust God, study His word, and serve Him with their whole heart. 

Other events at Camp Sagola throughout the year include Teen Snow Outing, Spring retreat, U.P. camp meeting, Women's retreat, Outdoor Ed, and more. If the Lord impresses you to help the ministry of Camp Sagola, please donate to help remodel the aging cabins and to build new ones which will meet current standards.