Clear Signals, Changing Lives

By Kam Ferguson -  October 1, 2023


Clear Signals, Changing Lives

Strong Tower Radio continues to introduce listeners to Bible truths and Michigan churches are witnessing the results. 

We praise God when someone embraces the everlasting gospel and begins a new life in Jesus, signified by baptism. At Strong Tower Radio (STR), there’s further rejoicing when those baptized have been introduced or nurtured in present truth through the broadcast. We also praise God when STR listeners call and share of their recent encounter with STR, or when a church member tells us about an STR listener visiting their church for the first time. This summer, we’ve seen many clear signals of the Holy Spirit working through the radio broadcast!

A northern Michigan couple listened to STR for a few months and were convicted to visit a local Seventh-day Adventist (SDA) church. They spoke at length with the pastor and continue exploring what they’re hearing on STR, comparing it to Scripture.

A mid-Michigan evangelistic series concluded with numerous baptisms, and one of those baptized stated “I know all this is true, I’ve been listening to STR for years.”

A central Michigan Bible scholar was scanning the radio dial and encountered STR during a reading of The Desire of Ages. Captivated by the depth of the chapter being read, this new listener wanted more and looked up their local Adventist church. Visiting the next Sabbath, this listener asked about STR and the reading. The church members contacted STR to determine the program aired, then provided a free copy of the book within minutes!   

One listener contacted a ministry whose program STR broadcasts, expressing appreciation for the program and asking many questions. They’re clearly seeking a deeper connection with Jesus and a church that lives by and teaches 100 percent truth. They continue listening to STR, and even attended Camp Meeting last June!

A few weeks ago, a southern Michigan STR listener of 18 months walked into her local SDA church with an amazing testimony of how the Holy Spirit led her to attend that church, that day!  

A friend shared that after praying with a new client, the client asked if he was an Adventist. He said yes, then the client shared that they’d been listening to STR for two months and found my friend to be much like the people/content of STR! They were listening on the newest station, WMPA, 93.1 FM, which returned to the airwaves this past March. Two weeks after that initial visit, the client died of a stroke. Eternity will reveal the impact that STR and my friend had on this listener during those final two and a half months.

Speaking of WMPA, 93.1 FM, generous donors gave nearly $50K in late June and July and provided the funds to fully pay for this Grand Haven station! The station returned to full power in early July, broadcasting at 6kW from Spring Lake, Michigan.

A central Michigan listener recently contacted a local Adventist pastor and asked to meet with him. The listener wanted to better understand what Adventists believe and stated that all he knows is what he’s been learning from listening to STR for several years. That meeting led to another, and he is currently taking Bible studies. Praise God!

Another central Michigan listener walked into a local Adventist church and stated, “I’ve been listening to STR for three and a half years, and I decided to do something about it!”   


Jeremy Swanson (right) along with Pastor Ariel Roldan, moments before his baptism on July 29, 2023.
Jeremy Swanson (right) along with Pastor Ariel Roldan, moments before his baptism on July 29, 2023.


Just a few weeks ago, STR listener Jeremy Swanson was baptized at the Cadillac, Michigan, church. A listener for about one year, Jeremy found the broadcast true to the Bible, studied further with pastor Ariel Roldan, and embraced the everlasting gospel. Several more family members are being convicted as they study, and by God’s grace will soon join Jeremy in that life commitment.   

Friends, all of this has transpired in just the past three months! The Holy Spirit continues to escalate His work through the radio dial. We praise God and we thank you, as you’ve clearly been praying with us for more listeners to be drawn to Jesus through the STR broadcast! Pray even more with us! Many are now responding to the signal they’ve been hearing for several years.

As STR continues broadcasting, many more seeking souls will hear the everlasting gospel, grasp it by faith, and join this end-time movement to which God has called each of us! Thank you for making this possible, as the Holy Spirit sustains this ministry through your continued prayer and financial support.

May our heavenly Father abundantly bless you as you keep STR ministry and its listeners in prayer.