Heartfelt Appreciation for Pastor Ken Micheff

By Conference Family -  December 14, 2023


Heartfelt Appreciation for Pastor Ken Micheff 

As pastor Ken Micheff embarks on a new chapter in his ministry journey, the Conference family wishes to express heartfelt gratitude for his years of dedicated service as both youth and camp director since 2007. 

Following some time spent with family and friends, he will take on a new ministry assignment determined by the Conference leadership. Tammy, pastor Ken’s wife, will continue her role as the Camp Au Sable office manager.

Camp Au Sable stands as a testament to pastor Ken’s dedication to elevate the camp experience for all. His willingness to embrace even the smallest tasks, from pre-dawn bread baking to Northwoods outhouse cleaning, exemplifies his hands-on approach to ensuring that camp reach its fullest potential.  

For the past 16 years, pastor Ken has played a pivotal role in annually shaping the experiences of more than 100 summer camp staff and thousands of youth and family campers. He has touched countless lives, resulting in decisions for baptism or re-baptism among our young ones and summer staff. He empowered young leaders to take ownership and actively participate in camp planning initiatives. Beyond spiritual guidance, he encouraged the development of practical skills, leaving a lasting legacy in trades such as welding, carpentry, and auto mechanics.

Pastor Ken is known for his passionate preaching. His visionary leadership spearheaded substantial improvements at Camp Au Sable, introducing innovative building projects such as Eagle Lodge, the Nature’s Nest (camp store), and various infrastructure enhancements to improve the overall camp experience. He forged new paths for the betterment of camp, making it a more family-friendly space with additions like the new children’s playground and volleyball courts. 

Pastor Ken’s commitment to community outreach in Grayling, making the camp store and walking trails accessible to local guests, along with organizing health seminars, cooking schools, and offering community-based meals, has had a positive impact on the local community.

As youth director, pastor Ken initiated the "One Year for God" program, encouraging young people to commit to a year of service before 25, resulting in missional initiatives that are currently taking place.  

We extend our prayers and express our deepest gratitude to pastor Ken, acknowledging the lasting impact of his dedicated service. The camp is undoubtedly a better place today, a testament to the enduring legacy of his ministry.