Radio Powered by the Everlasting Gospel

By Kam Ferguson -  September 1, 2022


Radio Powered by the Everlasting Gospel

The Holy Spirit continues drawing people to Jesus through radio, and creatively utilizing this effective tool in the lives of all who surrender to His leading.  

At a recent Strong Tower Radio event, Mark Bakker shared that he introduced Strong Tower Radio (STR) to a new friend in a profound way.   It was spring 2020, COVID-19 quarantine was in full swing, and Mark went to the Grand Haven, MI, pier for a morning walk.  

After walking a bit, Mark noticed someone sitting near the end of the pier and walked out to initiate conversation.  That someone is fitness enthusiast Joey Reitsema, and she was resting after her marathon training run.  As they began to talk, both felt attracted to each other and soon exchanged contact info.  In one of their early conversations, Mark looked at Joey and said with a smile, “if you want to know about me, listen to Strong Tower Radio” and handed her an STR sharing card!   Wow, what an introduction!

Joey did listen, and is still listening; what is she hearing?  Powerful, lifesaving truth in various formats such as Amazing Facts’ Bible Answers Live, messages from Michigan and Lake Region Conference pastors on STR’s Fresh Manna, uplifting music that glorifies God, children stories, evangelistic series, and special STR programs.     All these have the singular purpose of broadcasting the everlasting gospel in the context of the Three Angels’ Message 24/7/365.

Strong Tower Radio began with God’s guidance as one small, full time radio station in Cadillac, MI.  That was all that founder and president, David Bolduc and his wife Bethany, had in mind.  Yet as Proverbs 16:9 tells us, “man makes his plans, God directs his steps.”  God directed STR to obtain more signals, and currently we operate 15 stations with permits for 7 more to be developed within the next two years!

From its 2007 inception, Strong Tower Radio has depended on God to sustain the ministry.  He does this through both listeners and Seventh-day Adventist church members’ prayers and financial support, as the Holy Spirit impresses them to take hold of this powerful ministry tool.  With annual operating costs of over $600,000 and present coverage of 3.7 million potential listeners, Strong Tower Radio is one of the most economic ways to reach people with the everlasting gospel at $.016/potential listener.

Most recently, STR began broadcasting on its 15th station, 93.1 FM, WMPA, in Grand Haven.  This ongoing miracle continues to unfold, as God initially brought this signal toSTR in a private sale.  The seller wanted a non-public sale to a broadcaster that would not compete with their other station.  We came to the closing date and for the first time, God did not provide the balance of funds needed to complete the purchase!  He instead moved upon the seller to offer an interest free lease arrangement and provided more time for God’s people to bring the remaining funds to complete the purchase!  Glory to God!

The Holy Spirit works in amazing ways to stir the hearts of listeners and supporters. When Brian and Marji Shade, members of the Kalamazoo Church, first heard that STR had opportunity to purchase two Kalamazoo area stations, they quickly decided that they weren’t interested.  The next several months, however, the Holy Spirit moved upon their hearts, and they realized that the Lord was directing them to give a sizable gift  Marji shared “the Lord changed our minds and turned our thoughts around, His name be praised!”  They have also become ardent STR promoters.



The Holy Spirit continues to move upon hearts to sustain Strong Tower Radio as He reaches souls through the broadcasts of the everlasting gospel.  Coral was one of those precious souls.  Ready to end her life, she was drawn to the radio dial while driving home from work.  She searched for something better and found Strong Tower Radio on 90.7 FM, WBHL.  Listening introduced her to Jesus, gave her hope, and a hunger for Him.  She soon began attending the Gladwin church, taking Bible studies, and gave her life to Jesus in baptism, praise God!  She continues to grow in her walk with Jesus and loves to share.  Coral recently began Bible studies with another STR listener who has started attending the Gladwin church. 

In the past few months, at least three Strong Tower Radio listeners have joined the Seventh-day Adventist church after they began listening to STR, and more are walking through the doors of churches where we broadcast.  Listeners recently walked into the Clare and the Irons churches crediting STR with their interest.

These are just some of the fruit of those who are prayerfully supporting STR.  As you see lives changing, may your support also grow and spread to others that this work may continue and have even greater impact upon Michigan and the world!