Warren ACS to Host Third Community Health Fair

By Ray Cook -  May 18, 2023


Warren Church to Host Free Community Health Fair

The FREE Community Health Fair at the Warren church began in 2021 when the Judson Center approached the church to see if we would be willing to participate with them in a community health fair.


In the past, the Judson Center has used the playground of the Warren church school for recess for the autistic children they attend to.

The health fair was an ideal arrangement because the Judson Center has many contacts with other businesses and agencies that provide health benefits to the community, and the Warren Church has the property just west of the Judson Center building, which is ideal for the health fair experience.

In 2022, the Judson Center was unable to sponsor the health fair but suggested that there was an opportunity for the Warren church to support the event. The Warren church took advantage of that opportunity and hosted the health fair in 2022. The fair went well in 2022 and is being sponsored again by the Warren church in partnership with the Judson Center.

The fair has expanded in 2023 to include fifteen health-related vendors:

We also have a plant-based cooking school with three demonstrations from lunch through mid-afternoon with Chef Miguel. 

The "Delectabowl" food truck will be available for those wanting to try a vegetarian entrée and a food tent with a seating area to meet and greet others at the fair.

The Warren church ACS ministry team will be present to greet and share about our services which include:

1. Blanket Ministry

2. Diaper Pantry

3. Food Pick-Up Ministry

4. Grief Sessions

5. Single Mom's Oil Change

6. Home Handy Man

7. Veteran's Ministry

8. FREE Community Health Fair


We have an "8 Laws of Health Game" where people can win a small stuffed animal by spinning a wheel and answering a question about one of the eight Laws of Health. We also provide a children's play area with two bounce houses, a climbing dome, pony rides, and a small petting zoo. These are topped off with FREE chair massages and haircuts for attendees as desired. And for those with a heavy heart in need of encouragement, we have a grief sessions tent and a special prayer tent nearby.

There is literature freely available for each of the areas of interest related to health and spirituality for the attendees.

Overall, the purpose of the health fair is to help guide the community to a new and better future concerning health and spirituality.