Religious Liberty Sabbath

By PARL Department -  December 21, 2023


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Sabbath Schedule: Sabbath, January 26

9:30 AM |  Jonathon Cherne: Is Health A Religious Liberty Issue?

10:45 AM | Bettina Krause: Divine Hour Message 

- Lunch Potluck - Guests Are Welcome | Potluck Provided

2:00 PM | Jonathon Cherne: The Prophetic Significance of Recent Supreme Court Decisions

3:00 PM | Panel Discussion I - Threats to Religious Liberty: Adventist Perspectives

4:00 PM | Panel Discussion II - Political Engagement & Election Woes: Adventists on Both Sides of the Aisle



Amy Ratsara, attorney, Kalamazoo church

Bettina Krause, editor, Liberty Magazine

Dan McGrath, pastor, Metro church

Jonathan Cherne, attorney

Emeka Nwankpah, attorney

Steven Conway, pastor, Troy church

Andy Im, PARL director, moderator


Featured Presenters:


Bettina Krause

Editor, Liberty magazine

Bettina previously served as an associate director of the General Conference Public Affairs and Religious Liberty department, with responsibility for government affairs. She represented the world church in Washington, D.C., engaging with Congress and the White House, as well as with the diplomatic, international, and NGO communities headquartered in Washington. Prior to this, Bettina served then-General Conference president Pastor Jan Paulsen as Special Assistant for Global Initiatives. She holds a law degree (first class honors) from Macquarie University School of Law in Sydney, Australia.


Jonathon Cherne

Attorney, Tennessee

Jonathon is a licensed attorney in California and Tennessee, specializing in religious discrimination and estate planning. He earned his BA in accounting at Southern Adventist University and holds a certified public accountant (CPA) license. In 2011, he obtained his law degree from Pepperdine University School of Law. Apart from his legal practice, Jonathon is actively involved in ministry. During his time at Pepperdine, he helped plant the Malibu SDA Church. Currently, he serves as an associate director of American Christian Ministries, formerly known as American Cassette Ministries.


Event Summary

As threats to religious liberty increase, it's incumbent upon us to ensure that our end-time message and missional focus remain firmly anchored in the principles outlined in Scripture and the pen of inspiration. 

The gathering will provide an opportunity to collectively consider the essential core religious liberty concerns and objectives amid the current challenges we face today.

Lunch will be provided for visitors attending the event. For further details or inquiries, please email us at: We look forward to your participation in this meaningful dialogue. 



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