Saved to Serve: Local Church Baptizes Six

By Lucia Terry-Lane -  January 19, 2023


Saved to Serve: Local Church Baptizes Six

Baptisms are a result of family, church, school, and related programs working together. 

September 24, 2022, was a special Sabbath for the First Flint church as they celebrated the baptism of six precious souls. Family and friends came from out of town to show their love and support for this joyous occasion.

William (Wes) Barclay is married to Jaymee, a First Flint member. He and their daughter, Jaslynn, were baptized by Pastor Malcolm Douglas. While not expecting to be baptized together, Wes said that “God lined it up that way” and it was a special experience for both of them.

Jamie Brewer, Pathfinder director and head deacon, recommitted his life to Jesus and was rebaptized along with his family, Claudia, Elsa, and Asher, on September 7, 2022. The location on Lake Michigan held special meaning for all of them. Two days prior to their baptisms, the waves were crashing onto the shore. They prayed for a good day and a blessing. When they arrived for the baptisms, the water was calm and no clouds in the sky! Jamie said, “It was a wonderful gift from God!”

For both sets of parents it was important that their children “learn about their Creator,” “get good discipline,” “learn Christian values,” and “have a sound start with God as their foundation.”

All of the children have attended or are attending our local Adventist school. How did school and Pathfinders influence their decisions to live for Jesus?

Elsa says, “School has influenced my decision to live for Jesus through the curriculum... Pathfinders has also influenced my decision through outings like Camporee, Teen Snow Outing, Teen Leadership Training, and the fairs. It makes me yearn for the second coming.”

For Jaslynn (Jaz), her teachers have always been great examples of Christ. “So has my pastor,” she says. “Pathfinders has especially influenced my decision to follow God because of the Bible readings I had to do in the workbook. Those Bible passages gave me reassurance that GOD IS REAL!”

Asher says, “School has influenced my decision to live for Jesus through listening to Bible stories that taught me about Jesus as well as worship time. Pathfinder camporees, fairs at Camp Au Sable, and hearing about people being baptized made me realize that the Heavenly Father wants the best for me, and I should get baptized myself.”

All the young people credited their family members for studying the Bible with them, and inspiring them in their Christian experience. They are all actively involved in Adventurers and with other responsibilities at church and want to help others know about Jesus in the future.

In the October 2022 issue of the Michigan Memo, Education Superintendent Jeremy Hall stated that “It’s the home, church and school—working together to help create a firm foundation for students to be raised to know Jesus as their personal Savior and be equipped to share that love with other people.” Elsa, Asher, and Jaz are perfect examples of what happens when this approach to education is taken. Over the years, our school has been instrumental in many student’s decisions for baptism.

Adventurer Club Director Diane Brewer, affectionately known as Grandma B, said, “These baptisms are a result of family, church, school, and related programs working together. Our school is a place where students learn to love Jesus and become workers for Him. Our Adventurer club is very blessed to have help from Jaz, Elsa, and Asher. They are instrumental in teaching Adventurer classes and leading out in the program. Their recent public commitment to Jesus through baptism shines in their conscientious leadership.”

We thank the Lord for the Barclay and Brewer families and their commitment to live for Jesus.