2019 Pathfinder Fair: "Half Full"

By Andy Im -  May 24, 2019


2019 Pathfinder Fair: "Half Full"

This year's Pathfinder Fair had over 1,220 registered attendees representing 53 Pathfinder clubs. The theme for this year's event was "Half Full," connoting the importance of staying positive in Jesus. 

Dr. Ryan Hayes, chemistry professor at Andrews University and keynote speaker, incorporated profound spiritual insights, illustrated through exciting chemistry experiments.

Hayes had various things float up, bubble up, and blow up! Of course, no one was ever in danger. 

On Sabbath evening, Dr. Hayes made a call for baptism and many young people responded. Nothing is more heart-warming than seeing our Pathfinders make decisions for the Lord. This is the crux of Pathfinder ministry.

The weekend program ended a tad early this year—Sabbath evening instead of Sunday afternoon—due to forecasted thunderstorms. Sunday morning is generally when many of the physical activities take place, like the March and Drill, the Pinewood Derby Weigh-in and Run-off, and the obstacle course. 

The leadership team prayerfully decided to be safe rather than risk potential sorrow and provided the option of breaking camp early and leaving Sabbath evening prior to the storm's arrival. The Pathfinder clubs that remained had the option of setting camp in the pavilion Sabbath night.

"It was a very tough decision to cancel the Sunday activities this year," says Pathfinders director, Craig Harris. "But, the safety of the Pathfinders was the number one priority."

The cancellation ended up being a real life test of this year's theme, half full. "Despite the disappointment, the usual Michigan Pathfinders spirit came through," remarks Pastor Craig. "There were smiles, new friendships, directors lead, TLT’s helped, and decisions were made for Christ. God did not disappoint this year!"