By the Numbers

By Andy Im -  July 2, 2018


By the Numbers

Numbers aren’t everything, but they count for something. Recently, we tallied up the Facebook insights pertaining to camp meeting and discovered a thing or two. 

The data reveals the broad interest levels that Michigan's camp meeting had upon Facebook users (mostly Adventist) worldwide. 

It's clear people were tuning in to take part in the worship services and to hear powerful, biblical preaching through Facebook-live. Moreover, people were soaking in the quality photos, gleaning updates, and perusing the camp meeting newsletter via Facebook.

To be sure, most of the impact was taking place in Michigan. There are hundreds within the state that are unable to make camp meeting on a yearly basis. Facebook provided the opportunity of bringing camp meeting into our living rooms. 

In addition, the camp meeting experience is rippling across the globe. It's no longer confined to the haystack connoisseurs of North America. People are viewing from Kenya, the Philippines, Australia, and Canada, to name a few. 

They're catching on that Michigan is the place to be in the month of June!

The data below was collected from the period of camp meeting exclusively: Friday – Sunday, June 15-24. 

Per Facebook’s Insights:

Camp Meeting (General)

  • 221,945 total reach (not unique)—times a person viewed camp meeting related content

  • 22,195 daily average reach (unique)

  • 2,120 daily unique engagements (average)

  • 455 new "likes" of Michigan's FB page

Camp Meeting Video

  • 414,000+ minutes of watched video

  • 98,000 total video views (3 or more seconds)

  • 11,523 total times viewers clicked “play” for video

  • 2,323 unique video viewers per day (on average) that viewed 30+ seconds


Terms per Facebook:

  • Reach is the number of people who had any content from your page or about your page enter their screen.

  • Engagement measures the actions taken by users on the posts. Continuing with the Facebook example, engagement is measured as the number of times your post is liked, shared or commented on.

  • Impressions are the number of times any content from your page or about your page entered a person's screen.