Schools Transition to Four-day Work Week

By Laurie Snyman -  April 8, 2020


Schools Transition to Four-day Work Week

Distance learning will be the norm for the rest of the school year

April 8, 2020, LANSING, MICH—In light of the executive order (2020-35) issued by the state governor on Thursday, April 2, all K-12 schools of the Michigan Conference have closed their physical doors for the remainder of the school year and will continue the distance learning initiative that was implemented on Monday, March 30. 

Conference schools have also transitioned to a four-day work week, from Monday through Thursday, to best serve the needs of working families, students, and their teachers.  

With new adjustments and mandates being implemented on a regular basis at the state and federal levels, the Education Department continues to evaluate and adapt accordingly, in order to best serve the educational needs of our students and to support the families who are also adjusting to the rapidly changing milieu in the workplace and home.

Contingency plans for distance learning were set in place prior to the state mandated closures of K-12 schools that went into effect on March 16. Schools were anticipating potential closures and the Education Department took the necessary steps to equip our schools and to provide quality education for our students.

Although our students and teachers find themselves at greater physical distance, teachers are taking advantage of this opportunity to continue connecting and ministering to student needs. This national crisis has positioned the Adventist teacher to be the face of consistency to our students, sharing God’s love each and every day.